Fix the Otomatic. It is literally the worst top tier SPAA in the game

The ccip doesn’t work right, you aren’t hitting anything over 3,000 meters away unless they are flying directly at you. For some reason KA 50s are able to just not die, Firing at SU-25s is a waste of time, why is this SPAA at 11.3 but the 2S6 is at 11.0???

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start using it as anti tank

with only 12 sabot …

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if u shoot right thats enough for at least 2 kills

if you aim right you can kill 12 guys but still not fair

with sabot that wont even penetrate top tier tanks…

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I think you are technically correct, but it should be obvious that the spirit of the discussion is that it could afford to be better than it is now so it’s more in league with the other 11.0+ SPAA.

I think you could easily just remove the APFSDS limit on it and call it a day. Sure it won’t be better against planes, but it’ll be different and I think that’s good enough.


So… the part where its the only spaa for italy at top tier… eludes you because?

It doesn’t its obviously a different philosophy for SPAA that has its own strengths. Sure it may be too high at BR, but its gun is entirely alienating for it. Its not at all that the OTOMATIC is entirely unsuited

In fact I think I remember it being spammed af just because of the gun.

of course when the cap armor was the t64 or leopard 2a4 or the first abrams

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my opinion is that it should be at 10.0


I don’t agree simply because there are actual tank destroyers and IFVs at 10.0 that are worse at tank destroying than the OTOMATIC

so you mean like all the other anti-aircraft at that level

I know for a fact Germany doesn’t have that…

And because of unlimited APFSDS

so the bleigpanzer is nothing for you?

Actually the beglite is definitely a victory for Germany, but that took until a year ago to get because it was nerfed from its very introduction. There are lower SPAA with the same gun or better just not a launcher.

however, it doesn’t make much sense to talk about other nations, since they have different doctrines. the others focus more on missiles and a safe kill, I think that is enough for the otomatic to be balanced at those levels?

the 2s38 has proxy rounds and its at 10.0 it can do the same thing as the otomatic the LVKV 9040C does the same thing as the otomatic and it is also at 10.0


the 2s38 is just gajin being unfair to everyone else IFV wise. The 9040C is a converted IFV design so its more balanced but still has a worse gun. The OTOMATIC can go down in BR but it wouldn’t be 10.0

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