Fix the Otomatic. It is literally the worst top tier SPAA in the game

Gaijin should add some stingers on the Otomatic

I think they should allow people to take a full loadout of APFSDS and allow me to take down the damn radar again.

Obviously, Gaijin is very discriminatory against Italy, and if the Otomatic had been a Soviet vehicle, the situation would be very different from what it is now, oh yes, isn’t this 2s38


9040c is honestly 1/4 in size to the otomatic and has decent armor so it seems to me that for the rate it is fine to be comparable

then at the same rate I remind you that there is strv 9040 bill which has excellent anti-tank capacity and can easily do anti-aircraft

It’s a worse 2S38 at a higher BR, but this is still Gaijin pretending Italy has a top tier lineup by pushing completely inferior vehicles to top BRs so it looks like there is something and getting people to invest in it.

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Look at Stormer and say something

Then it needs more anti tank rounds.

The tank that sits a full BR below it?