Fix the naval servers

I have lost over 1 million SL just from today because it constantly kicks me out of matches. I am getting crew locked every time, losing more and more SL and I can’t do the event because the servers won’t work. It has been like this for well over a year already!!!

Just got in a match, was immediately disconnected, rejoined, disconnected, and it repeated several times until I left and was crew locked earning nothing for the event and losing SL. It has been over a year Gaijin can you please upgrade them so they stop getting ddosed for once.

I had similar problems the first day of the event - not since.

Vaguely recall it in the past related to events too - comes and goes.

I had the problem yesterday myself. Haven’t had the problem in months, and all of a sudden “lost connection to server” 3 times in 24 hours. It was weird.

Every player in this game got kicked by dodgy servers - most of them didn’t rejoin!!

You can rejoin?


FFS fix those fucking servers.

33% of games are disconnections.

At least allow people to return to battle.

Sometimes after your booted from a match like in this instance it might, MIGHT offer to let you rejoin. It offers it like around 40% of the time so don’t count on it offering it to you.

Yeah I rejoined, but I think everyone else (from both side) didn’t, and their ships just sailed in circles until I farmed them!!

If it happens you are better off going to task manager (on a PC) and shutting he program down, then restarting - that always seems to give me (ie twice!!) the option of rejoining, whereas going to the hanger does not!

That’s one way to go about it though the more time consuming route, I find it easier to just go back to the hangar and wait a few seconds, if it doesn’t give you the option move on.

Another game where every player got kicked - only a few of us got back in…

Prefer to try to get some more use out of the 2-300% booster… :/

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