Fix the naval server

I swear to God. I’ve been kicked EVRY SINGLE GAME for the last 2 days.



Can we have more of an explanation?

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Play naval right now. And see for yourself.
And it is not only me. My friends from Europe experience same thing.

Constant disconnections from naval games since yesterday.


I played a few hours ago and did not experience anything strange other than the amped HE rounds.

…coastal 3.7


I have played naval and I haven’t had any problems. I’ll ask one more time. Can we have more of an explanation?


Top tier 6.3-7.0.

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You had one.

Europe naval. All my friends that do the event have the same. Can’t even reconnect after hard reset. Just throws you from game.

It is only Naval RB? Naval arcade? What BR’s are effected, Which BRs have you tried? Are you in a squad when you go into the matchmaker? How long does it take to matchmake a game? Does it happen on all the servers or just EU? An explanation is not simply “it kicks me and my friends”. Data is needed to see if it could be client side or server side.

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AB and RB, from 5.0 up to top. Alone and in sqaud. Standard matchmaking time. I know only about EU.

AB, RB air is fine. Might be because overwhelming amount of people playing naval now but still it is infuriating when you try to play well for score and team.

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Interesting, a bug report will probably be the best and fastest way to get a response/fix.
Bug reports – Gaijin Support


I haven’t had a single issue (other than hating the new damage model), and I had consistent problems in the past. If anything, I think it has gotten better.

There is only one naval server hamster and its getting worked to death by “everyone” grinding the boatie event.

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I got booted from the match often but I thought that was just my craptacular internet doing its craptacular thing. Often with a ghost crew lock too, so that is immensely “fun”

Same here, 7.0 AR seemed broken. I got kic

If your crew get locked, that means the match is still going. What I do when I get disconnected and go back to the main manu, I exit the game and restart. If the game is still active, I will get a prompt, if I want to continue the match. Very often there are just 2-3 people in the match then, but my ship is still alive, so I can do some more damage.


Oh, good to know, thanks!

Interestingly, I found an odd recurring bug/trend? When I get booted from a match because of poor connection or something like that, following your advice does get me to rejoin the game. However, after the game, trying to find a new match will lead the servers to appear empty for me.

I can only fix this by fully restarting the game again…

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Same, doesn’t seem to be a problem at lower BR.

Is it happening to anyone on consoles?

If the match is going and just you or just a couple people get kicked, that points at the new update and “3000 simultaneous projectile calculations!” again.

I didn’t see that problem or maybe just didn’t pay attention to it. I got matches after a rejoined one no problem. Though it sucks, that restart is worth saving your ship and the repair cost involved :). That also refreshes the connection, if the problem is on your side. I would highly recommend restarting your modem/router by unplugging it for about 30 seconds at least once a week, if you are playing online.

Oh no, I can get back to the match that I was booted from just fine, but as soon as that match is done, I can’t get into a new game and upon checking the player count in the servers view, I saw that it’s all zeroed out. Which I can fix by restarting the game…until I get booted out again and the cycle restarts.

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