Fix the game's basics

So much talk about the economy etc, but it’s high time the game’s basics were fixed. For example the damage model that more of a lottery than anything else. The amount of times I’ve shot enemy tanks equivalent to mine numerous times and had rounds bounce or non-pen, only to get hit in the same spot in return to be one-shotted is beyond a joke. You can hit the same tank 4 times in a given spot and end up with 4 different results. The damage needs to be consistent so players can rely on the fact that if they make a good shot they’ll be rewarded and not have the enemy brush the shot off and kill you in one-shot in return. Also, the game has been under development for long enough now that ghost shells and silent bombs should NOT be happening. Recently I’ve experienced, and seen other unfortunate players experience, bombs that make ZERO noise on the way down, and ZERO noise when they hit ground, land behind players who are clearly oblivious to the fact that they’re even there. How the hell are you supposed to get out of the way of STEALTH bombs? All this stuff is incredibly infuriating. This SHOULD be a game of skill and NOT one of luck. There are many other issues to be dealt with like map design and CAS spam but they already have plenty of threads dealing with them, for what it’s worth. we all know that Gaijin will NEVER address the overwhelming community requests for Ground Battles with at least the option for battle WITHOUT aircraft. You can guarantee that if that was offered as an option the only players left playing Ground Forces with planes are the scumbag seal clubbing flyboi types just trying to stat pad.


Just for curiosity. What sound make bomb??

It SHOULD whistle on the way down from the bomber and make a THUD when it hits the ground

Are modern bombs supposed to make that sound? As far as I know they shouldn’t make that sound

love playing GRA and having aircraft spawn right behind are spawn

@Sir_Swearsalot You had me until you started on about the ground only mode. Very good points but wish you would have left that last part out. As much as CAS has frustrated me ESPECIALLY currently after they killed the ADATS missiles, I personally like the realism of combined arms with everything involved. It’s obviously better when both sides have aircraft to fight each other and with capable SPAA. But Gaijin chooses to make it more difficult every week it seems.

But I agree totally with your previous points. Especially BVM ridiculous behavior from the sides.

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I was talking specifically about bombs in low to mid tier as I avoid high tier play like the plague due to high RP costs. So at those tiers at least they definitely should be making those sounds.

When it comes to CAS, that’s why I suggested giving Ground players the option to play with, or without, CAS. Let the players choose. Yes, it would mean longer queue times, but I’m sure the majority would be cool with that.


Sorry but you watch to mutch Hollywood movies…
Bombs don’t whistle when flying…
Some altilery shells can whistle when slow down and lose stability.

Older bombs do whistle in real life

Sorry but you are just totally wrong. WW2 era bombs do. I’ve seen plenty of WW2 documentaries of bombers dropping their payloads where they clearly DO whistle on the way down. Regardless of your comments, the game’s bombs do (or at least did when they were working) whistle on the way down and thud when they hit the ground. As usual, an update to fix something else seems to have broken this, at least some of the time and that’s the problem. If it works some of the time how do you know that a bomb has landed near you if you can’t hear it? And if you have a problem with bombs whistling when you claim they actually don’t IRL, why don’t you have a problem with bombs exploding 5-8 seconds after they hit the ground?

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If you don’t know why some of the bombs explode with 8 sec delays. You clear know nothing about bombs and explosives and their Fuses.

Btw it’s the same documentary black/white forage before 45?? Wher sounds was added in “post processing”? Basically I can remember like 4-6 WW2 fotage with real sound…

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Some ww2 bombs do whistle but that was an actual design with the idea of terrorising the enemy. Movies and documentaries add sound effects all the time because thats what people and been trained to expect from said media growing up. Great example is sound suppressors, you cant silence a gun but they make the pew pew sound because thats what people think they sound like. As dor hitting and not penning, most of that is a failure to understand your penetration, ammo type (max pen isnt everything), angle, range, armour type, olumetric armour or not and ping (where you think you hit may not be where it actually hit). The smallest variable can effect a pen or a bounce. Not saying its perfe t, its far from it but more often then not its a bad shot

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