FIX the French helicopters!

At present, there is a significant gap in the French helicopter technology tree (from 9.3 to 11.0, if not purchasing advanced vehicles), but based on gaijin’s knowledge and consensus, this state can be improved by simply modifying the game.
according to EC-665 Tiger HAP and HAD should be unable to guide HOT-3 ATGMs. We can remove HOT3 from EC-665 Tiger HAP and add 8x AGM114B or 4 * AGM114K to it and place it at 10.3. Compared to the EC-665 Tiger HAD located at 11.0, its engine is weaker, and its anti tank missiles are worse or fewer in number.
Then, we can add the Aérospatiale SA365M Panther to the technology tree, which can carry up to 8 Northwest Wind ATAMs or 8 Hot-3 anti tank missiles. Placing it at 10.0 or 10.3 can effectively replace the HAP Tiger and is completely historical. In addition, its Chinese replica has been added to the Chinese technology tree (Z-9WA), so adding the SA365M Panther to France will not be too difficult.

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ok, no one care about France


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