Fix the F4j UK

Why is this thing even at 11.3? the f4s (more agile due to a mechanism similar to “agile eagle” used on F4Es, better missiles, HMD, higher payload) at the same BR is literally superior in every way and that thing struggles miserably in 12.3 uptiers too. Even the UK tech tree phantoms are better due to their spey engines

  • lower it to 11.0
  • give it the AIM 7F used by American F4Js
  • no change

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there’s a reason why the community gave this jet the nickname “f4 junk”, it’s a combination of flaws from both British phantoms and US phantoms… obviously skyflash<AIM 7F, AIM 9G<AIM 9H.

Gaijin plz fix this POS, it’s barely playable rn unless used to bomb bases (which you just nerfed, why???)

yea i agree the standard issue for the f4 was aim9L and it has aim9G so they should at least give it some chance to fight since even its radar missiles are easily flared and it takes a while for the radar to even lock. :(

im pretty sure they are the same in game

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They either need to give us a new premium to replace this actual trash; or give it better systems over all.

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The British players are performing too good in them, apparently. I’ll happily take one for the team and try to drag down the average haha.

It is kinda insulting when they charge the same amount for the 23ML and F-4S, and have them all at the same BR. Could be worse though, could be the F-4EJ.

All the early Phantoms need attention. The F-4J (UK) and F-4EJ are trading blows for which is the worst tier for tier, but the F-4C, FGRs and the F-4Fs aren’t far behind. These are planes that are utterly reliant on their missiles to carry their fairly lackluster flight performance, however their missiles have been utterly powercrept and as a result the only role left for them is ersatz bomber.

They need decompression and a meta shift badly. Decompression so that the most unfortunate of them don’t have to fight F-16s, MiG-29s and swarms of all aspect missiles every game, and a meta shift so that high altitude interception using non-PD RADARs and non-AIM-7F missiles is achieveable again.

Just up the top tier BRs to ~13.0, and readd RB EC, where the Phantoms with their great multirole capability would excell.

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Then you get the Kurnass2K with six python-3s at 11.3. I don’t understand the logic tbh.

27ER was a mistake

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AFAIK, the justification for that is the lack of RADAR missiles. In a meta that makes most RADAR missiles effectively very expensive paper weights. Yeah, I also don’t get it.

Meanwhile, there’s the EJ Kai at 11.7 with less, worse IR missiles, because it also gets AIM-7Fs. Which, again, paper weight.

The current clusterfuck that is top tier Air RB is a result of Gaijin fueling the rivalry betwee the big two at the expense of all others, leading to a constant need to one-up each other’s capabilities, while at the same time doing nothing to change Air RB as a whole. Even making the maps bigger achieved nothing more than putting a longer commute between both teams and the giant 12v12 furball of all aspect, IRCCM IR spam at <1km altitude.

Just give us EC. It solves so many problems.


The Absolute minimum that needs to happen ASAP is for the F4J(UK) to get a BR reduction in SB. It currently sits at 11.3 in SB. The Phantom FGR2/FG1 sit at 10.7. Why the hell does the F4J(UK) Sit 2 stops higher than the FGR2 despite the fact it has the same radar, RWR, loadout, etc. The only difference is the that the F4J(UK) has inferior engines to the FGR2

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If they increase the max br next update to 12.7 it will help a lot already. Planes like the Tornado f3, F4J, viggen and others at 11.0/11.3 will see very few uptier (just like 11.0 ground atm). This will make them more useful imo.

We can hope that is the effect

you mean the f4s should go to 11.7? cause I don’t think it’s fair to have that and f4j at the same br