Fix the F-14b radar

That is unfortunate, could you please write up a report, don’t forgot to include screenshots using the in game function and a CLOG. I’ll get it forwarded.

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Acknowledged and a fix applied. Supposed to be fixed in the next patch, which I would guess is tomorrow morning.

Ahh that’s great news.

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The tws on f14A still change the target suddenly

You act like US jets suffer or something?

Are you talking about tracking someone with TWS at large distances like 40km away and when you hard lock it changes to a completely different target sometimes at a vastly different position? That seems to happen to every TWS radar, mig29 being the worse I’ve seen. I don’t know if is a feature of a bug tbh

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Its the oppost, its in the soft lock at all ranges, this problem came out in the anterior major update

Take attetion on the radar screen, when you will fire Fox 3 on target, you cannot because it suddenly change the lock on the nowhere target that you don’t want

It happen on tornado ADV

Yeah I’ve seen it, but very rarely. Do you have high ping/latency by any chance when that happens?

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With me this bug is costantly frequent, i play ps4, i cant know the information about ping, but this bug is INSANAlY BORING and UNKIND, because you cannot fire on the target that want and waste soo much time to ajust back to target that you want, this time that you lost, you could fire the Phoenix and escape from the enemy lock and the missile goes Pitbull, but waste time and you Will think do what i say you take a r27ER from nowhere

Maybe is a grapic error

Can’t you see your ping and packet loss in the left-down corner?

I cant, but my game dont crash by lag or my plane crash to the ground.
But i cant see ping data on screen

But maybe this issue have be to server on ps4, maybe

After all these fixes, radar is still bugged because of the camera.

Camera designates target points whenever you track in tws or lock someone and sometimes that target point gets stuck and you can’t slave your missiles to the correct target.

Example, you try to launch a fox2 but it gets slaved to a random target point aimed into the ground instead of the radar target you are tracking

Well, still better than the Kurnass 2K’s cam.
That one straight up just does not work

The camera zoom was nerfed to uselessness, I just wish they removed the camera feature and be done with it. At least radar would be fixed

Eh. I still believe they could’ve implemented them better (and that the system would stay), it would help the US F-4E especially ( if it worked lol) buuuuuuut we’re here, and I guess it might still get worse before it gets better.

I’ve still been having trouble with the F-14 radars that I wasn’t previously having, I was just messing around in the game and I found that the F-14 radars are only look-down in head on aspect, am I going crazy or was it always like that?