Fix the F-14b radar

The tracking camera is preventing TWS locks when outside of it’s FOV range which is much smaller than the radar itself


Notice how this bug has been in game since patch release. Doesnt get mentioned in any bug reports or notes. But when someone submits a form that the Aim54C has .6 more explosives than it should…


Any buffs for US jets will take a year. Nerfs will take an hour.


Have faith, we all know a secret patch is in the works!

Here another topic about that.
And when you track a invisible target on tws?

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The issue reported here is different than the random track hopping issue that’s plagued TWS for a while.

You can’t highlight a track on the F-14B outside of the smaller TCS field of view, or it’ll bug out and look like it’s attempting a hard lock. It severely limits your ability to crank after firing AIM-54 missiles.

The F-14A doesn’t have this problem.


Exactly this. Although I rarely use phoenixes, I use TWS soft lock to gain situation awareness in a semi-defensive crank and to keep an eye on my target while cranking before engaging for a brief moment to launch a sparrow and crank again.

This issue makes that impossible and forces me to head on to my targets putting me in a much worse position.


Agreed. It’s a hotfix level issue. This is an aircraft built around it’s radar.


I have created a bug report here. // Issues

Please report that “I have the same issue!” on the button. Maybe they won’t ignore it. @Gunjob help us pls


Could you possibly add a video showing what you mean and also the CLOG and an in game screenshot from that same testing session.

I can, but can’t they just spend 1min in a test drive and try to track a ai plane with TWS soft lock near the edges of the radar? I can do some videos but not right now.

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The bug is acknowledged.

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Gaijin be like:

Mig29 doesnt perform good enough on release: Add R27ER, constantly improve flight model.

F-14B got inaccuraties: İ sleep.

As always they love to ignore nato vehicles problems while pushing russian equipments to the limits.


Maybe it’s less important, but I’m still waiting for repair CCRP in HUD display. Now they add a crosshair that shows up when I switch reticle to bombs. But it’s not a fix. I still don’t know if I’m close enough to do automatic bomb release.
I reported that bug 3 months ago. Affected jest are MIG29, YAK-141, Su-39 and probably the last added Su-25.
I’m unable to add link to my report


Yea, the one thing they really need to do is have the acquisition area of the TISEO expanded a bit, it’s basically impossible to lock on from 3rd person.
Next is just the fix of slaving of radar/TISEO systems, which to be honest, should also be a thing on the F-4E series of planes. That could bring us some better CW locks and would allow for better notching resistance of the radar system ( goes for the AWG-9 and even the APG-120 if they oh so decide to put the optical system onto the F-4E, pls gaijin).

It’s not less important, it’s busted on lots of planes.

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The issues with TWS have been acknowledged and will be fixed as well as the ability to fire AIM-7’s with a TGP attached.

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Not sure if I’m misunderstanding here, but can the AIM-7’s not be fired currently if you have the LANTIRN, or are you saying they are going to give the F-14 the ability to fire AIM-7’s via TGP?

I’ve previously done a bug report that was acknowledged regarding the TCS and its functionalities and it seems like this is sort of what you’re referring to, but not quite?
F-14B AN/AAX-1 TCS is missing all functionalities except its lock and zoom functions - DEV - Actioned Bug Reports - War Thunder - Official Forum

It was regarding this report // Issues

Ah, that’s unfortunate, minor niche bug being fixed instead of major sensor functionality modelling issue :(

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The patch this morning both fixed and broke the radar on the F-14B.

It fixed the TWS track break issue. The fix, however, created a worse bug that makes it where if the target is in view of the TCS, it won’t let you turn on the missile seeker head for either the sparrows or the phoenix. If the TCS is not tracking a locked target, you can turn on the seeker, but they are obviously out of the firing circle.

Big ooof. Very much in need of a hotfix!


Flown in test flight, with a 2 phoenix, 3 sparrow, 2 sidewinder loadout. Tested with both TWS and pd and src locks.

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