Fix the damned gun first!

Again, I’ve been killed in a 1vs1 close encounter as my crew repaired machineguns, engine, tracks… anything but the GODDAMNED GUN with which I could have blasted that useless trashcan to hell.

I guess we can’t pick the repair order because “Gaygin knows better”, but can the bloody Gaygin change the repair order so we can bloody shoot back and end the encounter rather than waste time repairing the tracks??

Tanks are effin GUNS ON TRACKS, not racing cars! There’s no bloody point to move first rather than shoot first!

Or, just let the player decide.


They need to split “repair” into a few different areas. Kinda like we have in naval. (Repair, fire and flooding)

So prehaps we could have turret (that would be breach, turret ring, barrel, etc) drive (tracks, engine, etc) and then something for everything else.


I dont think thats how it works.

I think each module has a set “repair time” and the repair time you see is the time to repair the longest module, so everything gets repaired at the same time, but some things take longer than others… like the gun breech, which usually takes the longest.


That wouldnt make sense on tank with like 4 crew members. They should just make priority for repair.

Enlisted another gaijin game just added module repair for modules you choose first. I’m hoping this comes soon so we can prioritise what is being repaired first

This seems much more likely as to what happens in game.

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atleast you know what you are talking about. Becasue that is how it is