Fix the Damagemodel of the KA50/52

Fix the Damagemodel of the KA50/52 its not possible that it can eat rockets like hell

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Gotta wait for September iirc. Helis are getting a total overhauled Damage model as per the roadmap


You’re acting like this is unique to the ka-50/52 when every heli is unrealistically survivable the Alouette II is probably the most egregious one its nigh impossible to kill sometimes taking hundreds of 7.62mm and multiple cannon rounds to kill

Rockets? Like, FFAR MM? Probably not.

The kA-50 series helicopters are the only ones that I’ve seen eat round from my MBT main cannon and continue on like nothing even happened. I own and spaded every US helicopter to date and have never had this luxury handed to me in any of the helicopters the US offers. A 7.62 round feels like a AIM7M has been my damage model helicopter experience so far. Maybe one day this might happen but I’m not holding my breath for the day I know that.

Depends where you hit it the tail can eat shells because it is not required

I guarantee i could play 8.3 germany later and watch a guy struggle to kill my sheet metal and aluminium pipe abomination of a helicopter with a MANPAD because the damage model is awful not that they’d even be able to lock on anyway

Ingame the tail isnt required because wind seemingly doesn’t exist ingame but without the tail the KA-50/52 should have the same issues any prop has with staying on target with a missing rudder

Irl it can survive without it

Yeah but it should still have an affect on flight performance the tail exists for a reason

It can survive, it cant fly perfectly fine and still destroy enemy units.

You do realize tail section also contains important electronic parts and helps to stabilize the helicopter for flying right? In game however it can effectively engage with enemy units and return back to base like its nothing happened.

Ka-50/52 damage model is busted, nothing more.