Fix rounds going through the ground

I can’t name the number of times now I’ve been in a hull-down position, scanning the next hill when a wild T-80BVM comes over the top I line up my shot, and as I do I see a flash from a sneaky Lep-2 hidden in the corner, I watch as the round comes flying in my direction, but it fine, I’m safe I can tank a round to the turret, bam I’m dead, I wonder man must have been an unfortunate branch hit, I watch the Kill cam and here it comes the round flying at me at Mach Jesus, to my dismay it has gone right into the ground out the other side then hit me in the hull.

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So the deformable layer of dirt is basically transparent to rounds, and can be shot through, which means you end up with shots like these. It’s q super unfun way to die but I doubt Gaijin can or will change it soon.

This round was not in the deforming layer it was about 0.5m under the ground