Fix planes in Arcade Ground

Hey, I’m a returning player, and after not playing for a month or two, I’ve come back to WT. Now, I’d like to make it clear that I’ve only ever played arcade, and my suggestion will only go for arcade, as I have no intention of playing realistic or sim anytime soon.

Planes are too easy to get in arcade. Even if you get no kills, no captures, no assists, and simply sit in your spawn for long enough, you will get the ability to get inside a fighter or maybe(?) an attacker if my memory serves me well. There aren’t any repair costs for planes in arcade either, so people constantly launch a rocket barrage towards light tanks and open topped TDs then pancake their attacker into the ground. It also doesn’t help that all of their enemies get marked with big red nametags for attackers and bombers to see either. A change they made is that fighters can no longer see any nametags, including their own friendly ground units, so attacking ground vehicles was a risk. Although this wasn’t perfect, it did help a decent bit, as it forced fighters to remain as fighters and not ground attack planes.

My fix to this problem? Personally, I wouldn’t mind if planes were outright removed, but I’m willing to trade ideal for better. Increase the plane fly time to 120 seconds from 60 and remove enemy nametags for attackers and bombers. In this regard, they would be the same as RB planes, only with the physics of AB, and a timer, a limited fuel supply if you will. I get that planes are sort of “killstreaks” in arcade, but what kind of “streak” is getting a kill and maybe a capture. Increase the amount of KILLS needed to get into planes. Fighters would only require a kill. Attackers three. Bombers five.

Moving on, I did pretty well against tanks, in my best game I’ve gotten 8 kills despite being kinda rusty. So you might wondering, hey you managed to get some decent games, so obviously planes can’t be that bad. This is my average game summed up for me: I get to a good position, get around 3 tank kills, then get strafed and rocketed by a plane. Over half of my most recent deaths were to planes.


If I am not mistaken, it takes one kill for a fighter, two for an attacker, and three for a bomber right now. I’m not 100 percent on how assists and caps play into it as I only play arcade for shits and giggles once in a while.

They don’t need to be the same as RB planes. People that want to play planes like RB planes play RB. Arcade is a game mode that has its own unique features. Two of those features are spawning planes at random that cost you nothing but also don’t stay around forever and being able to spot targets. They already removed spotting ground targets from fighters but I highly doubt they will do so for attackers and bombers. Again, if you want aircraft with no spotting, RB is the place to be.

Everything is easy to get in arcade, that is why it is arcade. It isn’t meant to be a serious or competitive mode. It is meant for easy enjoyment of the game. It is much easier for you to operate SPAA in arcade because of lead indicators, if you don’t like the planes being in the air shoot them down. There isn’t much of an excuse on why you couldn’t.

Why increase the requirements for planes when you can’t even pick your plane? It doesn’t make much sense to make a random grab bag of planes that you cannot loadout how you want to any more costly. People don’t play arcade for a match where they have to tryhard to use game features like aircraft, it is more fast paced and less realistic for a reason.

How many of these games did you do anything about the planes? Did you seek cover when the giant air battle spawn timers come up? Did you fire at them at all? Did you spawn an SPAA to help cover the team? It also sounds like you pick a spot and stay there. That makes you a prime target for revenge kills from planes.


A: What if I don’t wish to use SPAA, and currently am focusing on researching modules for lights and mediums. Oh, and did I mention that attackers routinely do suicide runs towards SPAA, firing off their rockets? From what I’ve seen SPAA and attackers usually end up trading. While you’re right about SPAA being significantly easier to use due to the lead indicator, there’s wayyyy more planes up in the air anyway.

B: “Easy enjoyment of the game” how is being killed by plane launched rockets every game considered fun? As somebody who has ONLY played arcade, and on my best account has gotten to 7.0 purely by playing arcade, things get old quick. By things I mean planes.

C: Taking cover only works in urban maps. Try it in Sinai, I dare you. There are only very specific parts of the map that provide some amount of cover, and that won’t even matter if you’re an open topped vehicle. And no, I never stay in the same spot for more than half a minute.

D: I’m suggesting this, because arcade is my ideal gamemode. Fast paced, action packed gameplay, where fast targeting and precise accuracy runs supreme. I like everything about this mode, EXCEPT the planes and how they work.

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Do you think the people you kill in your tank enjoy getting killed? Do you think anyone in a combat game ENJOYS GETTING KILLED? Do you enjoy getting killed by tanks, or do you only dislike dying to aircraft? I bet you don’t jump for joy when an APCBC round pops into your turret to say hi and nukes your whole crew…

Then you will get killed by planes that are not contested. You make a decision NOT to play SPAA, the consequence of that is the planes will have no resistance to kill your teams ground vehicles. Cause and effect at it’s finest.

People have been barking up this “aircraft bad in ground modes” thing since the addition of ground forces. Gaijin has spoke on this issue already. It is a combined arms game. If you don’t like aircraft you have two options. One is ignore them and die to them sometimes. The other is engage the aircraft to try to lessen their effect on your team. If you don’t like either, then that sucks for you.

This is pulled from the main Warthunder page:
“In combined battles, players fight together either with tanks and aircraft/helicopters or with ships and aircraft. Anti-air units such as SPAAGs and others provide a solid line of defence for allied armoured vehicles against aerial strikes, while a bomber can prove to be handy when you need to sink an enemy destroyer in a naval battle.”


yea uninstalled already not touching this game again

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Game just isn’t for everyone, just like i dont play call of duty for a reason lol


May or may not be because I use planes to help unlock modifications for my stock viecles without getting kills in them lol

Planes atm are fine in arcade, only issue I sometimes have is bombers with large bombs. (1500lb+)
Other then them, just stay mobile and aware of the sky and you are fine.

i dont agree that spaa is easier to use.
planes dont need a lead indicator, tanks dont move that fast, besides, planes get a change of aim indicator colour when on target, spaa doesnt.

and the indicator spaa gets doesnt even relate to being a lead indicator as the amount of lead before or after the indicator changes on a day to day basis, the only thing the indicator on a plane indicates is the direction its currently headed.

it DOESNT indicate where the shots ought to be aimed in order to get a hit, except on very special days when everything is running superbly, which is probably about 2 days per month

as for colour change indicators, they dont exist for spaa

Lol, OP whines. a lot… and finally states he already uninstalled… why come back to whine if you already uninstalled?