Fix leaving vehicle exploit in ARB and GRB

There is an exploit in ARB and GRB by leaving your vehicle to deny the enemy a point. This can be done internationally and unintentionally.
In ARB you can return to loadout or hanger while on forward airfield to prevent the enemy destroying your plane and thus gaing points
In GRB you can leave vehicle to deny the enemy from destroying your vehicle. This can be done intentionally and unintentionally just by swaping vehicles. What happens to your tank when you swap it out, do you put it in your pocket?

A solution could be to leave airplane on runway while changing its load out in ARB and in GRB to leave vehicle on the map thus giving the enemy an opportunity to destroy it.
In arcade it is advised to leave your vehicle in a safe place if you spawn air

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Gaijin has a system in place to credit the nearest vehicle if you leave to hanger.

The range can definitely be increased.

If you have reloaded your plane your be in a fresh plane and can return to loadout screen anytime to evade destruction like a yo yo

Yes that’s the airfield not J’ing out.

Don’t hover on the airfield, strafe ground targets and win on score.

Air Realistic Battles has atrocious design I have no defense of it but this is what’s expected of you.

If you leave your vehicle in GRB you leave your vehicle a need to spawn a new one for SP.
that doesnt mean you denied anything from your enemy you put yourself in disadvatage by wasting your SP.
in terms of ARB you can only J out on AF if your plane has not been damaged.
if you have been damaged by someone and J out before you are repaired the kill is given.

Correct. But leaving tank before a bomb hits you is denying the opposition of a point, your tank is going to be destroyed anyway, so why not deny the enemy a point, thus an exploit. Its upto gaijin how they deal with it. Some games encourage exploiting and some dont

Just like many things in game β€œintent” is only known by the individual.

Even if a player then ribs the enemy by actively stating they denied a β€œkill” on purpose.

Not much can be done, just deep down you and the other player know it is not really right.

not that i played shitload of GRB but i have never seen someone leave like that.

Ive not seen it in GRB ether till i walked into an argument and watched a video, have seen it in ARB and just said nice trick and then subsequently got some verbal back from 1 of there team members, i kept it quiet thinking i might need that 1 day with a cheeky grin on my face. But here we are. Word is getting around about the little trick

i would said it is not really something gamebreaking. and i dont really see a need to change it.

Its 1 of them, dont get caught πŸ˜€ or your reply will be posted in the forum. Depends what side of the fence youe on in the CAS wars

im saying it is not an issue cause i have never seen it happen.
and i dont really care about the CAS wars.
CAS is really strong in the early to mid tiers but at top tier AA is way better and can easily deal with CAS.

That intresting you say that as i keep hearing the opposite, i cant put experience to that as i have only got as high as early jets, but word IS spaa dont work and helicopters can do there bit out of SPAA range and helicopters can spawn at start, plus guided bombs can drop from high above out of range from SPAA

You also deny yourself the score you would have received for getting killed.


It takes 3ish seconds to J-out. I have found that usually isn’t short enough of an interval to evade even someone making a kamikaze strafe at you while you are sitting on the AF waiting to repair/rearm, much less after a bomb has landed nearby and you are waiting for oblivion.
Much more of a problem of d!cks quitting out while you are chasing them down to deprive you of the kill. That is actually sh!itty to both teams because they deprive the enemy player of a kill and pts, and also doesn’t keep them out of the fight while you are taking them on a merry chase.