FIX German Tanks BR 5.0-7.0

Its disgusting…

I played Tiger,Panther ,VK you name it…
Enemy played M4… M18… Sherman etc
You shoot at them in every angle possible,at every weakspot there is possible but 0 Penetration… zero, nothing.
Hit after Hit after Critical Hit

Gaijin REALY REALY REALY need to fix the German Tank NERF

Add: BUT when the M4 or M18 or what ever shoots back ?! I die by INSTANT

what version of the M4 was it?

If it was a jumbo then yeah seems about right

M18 has the 76 so it can pen the Panther and tiger from the front

The Tigers and Panthers are truly easy mode vs any version of the M4. The jumbo is the only version that can even hope to stop a shot from either the tiger or the panther but in return its gun can’t pen either except for extremely precise shots. Meanwhile the panther 75 can actually go through the UFP of the jumbo from close range. Yet they are the same BR. The 76mm shermans have a stabalizer, but are inferior to the panther or tiger in almost every other statistic. Yet they are also the same BRs as the shermans and tigers.

If you want to see how good you have it, look at the protection analysis of the tiger/panther vs shermans then do the reverse.

Germans have INCREDIBLY favorable battleranks 5.0-7.3 with other nations having strictly inferior vehicles at higher battleranks (look at the 7.7 AMX30 vs 7.3 leo. Same chassis, leo has better gun by FAR). If you can’t play germans, try any other nation and see how bad they have it. The grass is FAR greener on the german side.


Skill issue. Like, to the maximum degree

Germany in those BR ranges have consistently the best guns, and the best armour by far. They can literally just aim center mass at 90% of the tanks they face and kill them. Meanwhile EVRYTHING ELSE has to hunt for weakspots and pixel snipe, and do it faster than the german player can get his braindead center mass shot off.

Most other nations literally dont get guns that equal a Tiger 1 or Panther D until well into the 6.0 range. The pershing gets a 90mm with 175mm penetration, compare to the Panthers 190mm. The M18 Hellcat (and 76mm shermans) which are at 5.7 get a gun that has performance similar to the Panzer 4H which is 3.7!

well, in the grand scheme of thing, you can only pen Jumbo upper most UFP and turret - hull MG port, it is hard.

for the other vehicle you mentioned, literally just shoot at anywhere but engine, one shoot one kill everytime.