FIX! F16C Litening Targeting Pod II GEN 1 INSTEAD OF GEN 2

Yea, a leftover from old times. But that system for example allows them to not add pod value for Gr.7 and Gr.1, as TGP also has (even tho it should be Gen 2) Gen 1, so they simply added Sight value only and caleld it a day.
And then there is Kurnass 2000 that has Gen 2 for Mavs D for some reason, even tho all other users have Gen 1 for it
And then there is Mirage F1CT that has no IR weaponry nor FLIR but still has sight TI

Bruh, Russian hasn’t used any NATO weaponry, ever. They have only reverse engineered it, and made an objective worse version of it. (See R-3 and R-3R, a AIM-9B and AIM-9C respectively)

I hope that was satire, but expecting for the worst.

Time to bring out the funny



And that is a MiG-29?


I see, it’s a TIALD pod, while it is indeed attached to a MiG-35, Russia hasn’t ever used it in combat.

Yea, that will be a mockup of TIALD, its just a funny thing and it looks soo wrong

Yeah, looked a bit too smooth, and the designator looked, not regular. Almost looks like a bad 90’s digital rendering.

Stupid question where do i find this chart

it was satire i know they don’t use any NATO stuff.

Gen 1 thermals while I’m using VR makes it borderline impossible to ID (or sometimes even acquire) vehicles with the TGP, which is infuriating when I’m trying to do CAS…

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They still look like gen 1 lmao, spaghetti code at its finest

Wait actually I know what it’s for. The F-1CT could mount a TGP and AS-30L and other weaponary, while not in french service I think that gaijin was going to add those originally

Then i have no idea what happend there.

I see


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IR guided GBUs are totally broken in Barak II also. They do not hold their lock on the targets but rather land where the enemy target was located when the bomb was dropped.

I don’t why Barak II didn’t get Mavs too, are they not using them in real life?

Barak II is able to use just about every modern aircraft carried munition type out there