FIX! F16C Litening Targeting Pod II GEN 1 INSTEAD OF GEN 2

Is it so hard to fix a single line of coding for the Americans? It has been acknowledged months now and it became really frustrated.


Same with TIALD. Currently Gen 1 should be Gen 2. I dont know why they are dragigng their feet on these bug reports


probably “Balance”


You will have to get over that Litening II targeting pod it’s good targeting pod but 1st gen thermal and gaijin won’t fix

I hope 3rd gen thermal targeting pod replace current targeting pod (Litening II) on F-16C Block 50 this year

Probably they will add the Litening pod Gen 3 for Russia cz yeah to “balance”


you know this isn’t just an American issue right


how is it not an American issue?

Because other planes have the same issue

The Thermal gen of in the code of the plane is gen 1 which overrides the Generation of the pod some French jets have this issue as well

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all i see is the F16C had gen 2 and it got nerfed somehow but UK-Sweden-Israel still have their Gen 2 + i’m talking about Litening which most Top Tier jet got them it’s just the F16C mains gotta open their eyes more to get kills.

German and Italian Tornados had Gen 1 Litening IIs for ages as well. I dont actually know if its been fixed. Its a constant and common issue for basicaly every nation.

At this point Im starting to think its intentional


Ok a quick explanation here. Planes have 2 variables that corespond to what TGP gives. Plane sight and pod sight. Plane sight is the more important one, and it overrides all sight a plane can have (FLIR, weaponry sight and TGP sight), while TGP sight works only on TGP. F16 has both Plane and TGP values, gen 1 for plane and Gen 2 for TGP, that causes the TGP to be gen 1 as sight value is taken over the TGP value.

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I assume it might be Lockheed Martin AN/AAQ-33 Sniper targeting pod

I guess JAS39 Gripen C & AMX A-11 equipped 2nd gen+ thermal targeting pod (Rafael Litening III)

But I wonder F-16D Block 40 Barak from 3 image equipped Litening II or Litening III

AV+8B+ and Tornados has 1 gen

It’s more than a single line of code.
They’re likely coming up with a solution that stops these bugs from occurring in future implementations.

There’s no nerf.

Balance has nothing to do with this topic.

They probably consider it a low priority issue.

Yeah… The British TT is a low priority issue…


Actually was gen 2 for a while but got reverted to gen 1 (on the Barak II)

They still have them


but they have one thing in common. They have a weapon with IR seeker.
That forces the mto have Sight value set at Gen 1 and it overrides the Pod value that is Gen 2 as i explained here.