Fix Autocannon Muzzle Flashes Already! With a poll

15mm Autocannons, Blinds you Slightly
20mm Autocannons, Blinds you Slightly
25mm Autocannons, Blinds you
30mm Autocannons, Blinds you
37mm Autocannons, Blinds you a lot
40mm Autocannons, Blinds you Completely!
57mm Autocannons, Blinds you Completely!
(and other Autocannon calibre’s, Blinds you as well!)

Its been far too long, War Thunder players have grappled with blinding autocannon muzzle flashes. higher the calibre harder it is to see, SPAA users are left in the blinding light due to this persistent issue.

Flash hiders for higher caliber anti-aircraft guns are typically cone-shaped or cylindrical attachments that fit onto the end of the barrel. These devices redirect the muzzle flash away from the shooter’s line of sight. For example, they might resemble elongated cones or tubes with openings at the end to allow the flash to escape in a direction that doesn’t obstruct vision. Additionally, designs could incorporate fluting or grooves along the surface to efficiently dissipate the flash while maintaining structural integrity.

It’s time for action. Let’s prioritize a solution, like incorporating muzzle hiders, to improve gameplay for all. Put an end to our suffering!




Do you want to stop the flashbangs on your screen that this game calls “Muzzle flashes”
  • Yes, for the love of god!
  • No, (leave a reply of why)
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A Issue report for the 40mm i made // Issues

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