Fix arcade reward respawn

when you respawn u got direct in front of 10 etc tanks and of course u dead cause no time to hide or etc… only way have to wait until that attack is over to respawn and leaving team alone during that time…fix : do the tank at least for 15 sec undestractable to be able to hide … and remove please that desert map cause its absurd, 9 of 10 always lose .

There is already a set amount of time in which you are invulnerable after you spawn. If your team has been overwhelmed and they have your spawn locked down, then it would be best if you didn’t spawn.

the time is to less ,specialy on heavy tanks .you just move a few meters and boom. its over…i know its possible to wait for respawn but sometimes on critical stiuations team needs every member…it is very easy to do the time 15 sec .

but of course gaijin like that situation more cause every respawn is minus of your SL .

You decide to spawn in a situation where you will get killed as soon as the invulnerability it up. The SL costs are on you. If you know someone is watching your spawn and you decide to spawn and then immediately die, you made a poor decision and the SL you lose is your own fault.

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you dont understand what i say or i cant explain… i know i can wait but you dont understand that stimes ,many times even the 1 tanks help is needed by team and it can help to lose or win but at least WHY SHOULD İ DİE in respawn , either born me in a postin where i am not direct a target to the enemy or give time i can move and hide ,othere alternatives or answers like - wait etc etc are unsense.