First spawn - single spawn with heli

Just found out this is a thing. Something is rotten in war thunder lol. nothing to with the discussion about one-death leavers in ground rb, but to one-death leave in a first spawn heli - it does not get any more scummy. Anyone wanna object?

Never played heli, can you get into a ground RB battle without and ground vehicles, if you have a heli in your line-up?

You need at least 1 tank. But you can bring a reserve tank to effectively get around crew lock.

I think most people do it because they want to grind helis and the heli pve mode sucks.

Yeah that is proper rotten.

you can make lots of SL in heli pve with a premium heli and a booster.
But yeah it is rather poo.

Reserve tanks cannot get crew lock, so people can use it in combination with heli without need to spawn tank at all. You do not get crew lock even if you spawn reverse tank and immediately leave vehicle, so it can also be used to get rid of spawn points.

But: This helicopter then has no ATGMs, which makes this behavior only “useful” with helicopters that have a 30mm cannon and can carry dumbfire rockets.

Then it is usually possible to shoot down a few light tanks and then start with another tank. If you don’t succeed, you’re out.

well then there is chinese mains who go camp the air spawns with the Ty-90s first spawn

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VR players find it hard in tanks, that could just be a reason.

Yes this is a thing and I’d like to note that this is exactly what I now do just about every match. The reason I do this is because this is the only way I can find fun in the game. I don’t like using tanks much and helicopters are what keeps me around until I finally had enough and move on. Keep in mind we can only bring dumb fired weapons which means we have to get close keeping everything in check and balanced.