First Spawn Helicopters

First spawning helicopter is absolutely ridiculous. Whoever came up with the idea should be hung, drawn, and quartered. I have lost countless games due to someone taking my main tank in their first spawn helicopter.


what about spawning spaa ?

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what about removing the apds belts that are free for them ?

and to answer your comment

and then what ?
what if no heli will spawn ?
you gonna wait with 11.7 spaa that your team wins ? …
or that the enemy decide to spawn a heli/jet ?
like f16 that will nuke you and you cant even kill him if he has more then 2 brain cells ?XD

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It would make life easier if we would know if anyone is spawning a SPAA. Most of the times there is no SPAA right from the start.
The KA50 jockeys make use of this. Yesterday it was the works nightmare in one battle, for the first time 6 KA50 came at once straight ahead to out spawn.

Real truth - I have grinded the whole IDF tree in 3 weeks now. Countless battles. Helo wasn’t the biggest cancer for me - my team is.

My AML-90 was crushed several times by my own teammates. It looks like if you push long enough you can teamkill. Besides this yesterday a guy pushed my Mk4M off the cliffs with ZERO reason.

Spawn AA or IFV and you get free kills.

Considering how much people whinge about Aircraft and Helicopters this apparently shouldn’t be an issue


the issue is spawning a spaa as first spawn being either useful or useless
and if a heli spawns you kill him or not because of gajoobles dmg models of cancer helis

or option C: you “kill him”
he still hoovers around killing 2 or 3 more …

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dont give me that “oh its just a skill issue spawn an spaa” rubbish

probably because of the whole gaza war thing

lol… You can’t remove Apache’s belt.

The solution to your thread complain is that, spawn spaa.
If you want a only tank mode then that’s different thing.

The different saturation is the fun of the game

The spaa is the theoretical answer, if X vehicle had no counter then avoid it

Again, your thread looks more than a only tank game

ah yes vehicle X counters Z but vehicle Z has no counter because reasons great :)
no i love combined arms but i hate it when any idiot can spawn a heli with rockets and shit and just shred tanks
but dear god forbid ppl could spawn a clean fighter :)

i can’t
yes but gajooble has no problem altering ammo belts or anything and we all know it.

Sorry, but is a massive skill issue.
Played with 247, adats, tunguska, veak, otomatic, got 1 death to plane and 1 to heli ( team totally dead only 3 alive ) Most of the time is boring as hell