First hour of suck each day I play

I continue seeing this pretty much on a daily basis. I mentioned this before, but the same thing happens to me constantly. I need to spend at least an hour of my gameplay for the day before getting some more fair matches. This coincides with people complaining about having bad matches when they activate boosters. I bet most of them activate these boosters when they start playing for the day.

I just had my first match of the day with 3 activated boosters that were about to expire. The whole match was very weird and one-sided with a steamroll loss (no surprise there). I was dying left and right while my shots were mostly falling short, even when I was aiming above the ship. Noticed that my aim distance was randomly rolling up and down, even though I didn’t move my mouse. Even when a ship was closer to me (destroyer), it would still take forever to kill it. At some points my shots were stuck falling at one point of the map, even though I was aiming elsewhere. Everything was weird to a point I was thinking “what is going on with this game?”

I highly believe gaijin has some ‘purgatory’ server that has different settings for the game. I’m on a Gigabit connection, so it’s not me. It’s not just for naval, but for air and tanks as well. I started writing about this years ago on the old forum. In planes I felt like I was dragging a parachute, so my plane behaved like a brick. More deaths and less kills, even if it was still the same br. It was the same for most of the team as well except maybe 2 top players. Couple of matches later everything would go back to normal. In tanks you would have a whole streak of matches where your shells do little damage and you end up having 0-1 kills for multiple matches and then boom 6-7 kills in matches after that with a similar br spread.

Also, I have way too many matches in naval where my entire team spawns in the far corner of the map (destroyers in a cruiser spawn) while the enemy all goes for the 2 near caps, including even some cruisers. Guess what was the outcome of all of these matches? Of course I spawn near the 2 caps in my destroyer, but then I get pulverized by 5+ enemies at the same time. Meanwhile all the sea masters swim across half of the map with nothing to shoot at in their little destroyers. smh
I have countless dozens of screenshots of these matches. You just wonder “what is the point of all of this”? Why so often one team is all sheep hiding in the corner while the other one is all bloodthirsty and going all gung-ho, so they can release their little torpedoes at the enemy? Btw, why is the game spawning your ship while there is an enemy torpedo going to that exact location?

Anyway, with a 200% SL booster I got a measly 120,000 SL for 7 kills. 3 deaths, including 2 of them in a span of 1 minute because of the bum rush. I never die 3 times in a naval match, except these “strange” matches that should never be in the first place. Inb4 yet another champ tells me “learn how to play”:
most of the time I am able to survive without dying and still get 5-7+ kills and that’s with way too many 0.7+ uptiers. Funny thing is the whole BR downtiers are the strangest games as well. Way too many are… steamroll losses, even though I get 11 kills, if I’m not overnerfed for the entire match.

This game is way too bi-polar for me. Just tired of these stupid “surprise mechanics.” I want to play against other players, not against the game that keeps throwing curveballs at me by making matches with a shady match maker that constantly uptiers me and even changing physics, aim and shell damage per match or even multiple ones.

I was going to play more to get the daily BP tasks done, but just exited the game in disgust after the first game. I’m just tired of this bs. No, I’m not going to spend my whole hour putting up with the suck, so I can finally get something done. Can’t wait for my premium account to expire.

Yep, we certainly are going to win, smh:

My rando squadmate turns around and runs away (gg). I was still hoping others still see me and spawn at this location. Meanwhile I get focused by 5+ enemies at the same time.:

Spawning in my second ship while enemy torpedo is going straight at me (nice spawn, gaijin). Well, at least I was able to see there is a torpedo and turn this time. Yeah, look at my entire team. Should have left the game after the first death, but still had these stupid boosters running:

Enemy still alive and well this far in while my entire team goes on a cruise on the left side of the map:

Do you think we have enough people at A cap? Once capped, then what?:

Teammates think they are winning by going to the enemy spawn. Look at my LOCKED aim. I’m trying to shoot the AI ship, but the aim is frozen about 3 inches to the left for about 10+ seconds until I select another ship and the aim gets reset (the aim was stuck, even if I moved the mouse):

Got killed by a cruiser who went for C couple of seconds before the end of the game. 5 player kills and 2 bots. So what when the team stinks like this? Died 3 times, which pretty much never happens except I get pointless matches like this:

I want to make this clear. This is not some 1 game rage. This happens to me at regular basis. As if by magic, such a boneheaded team almost always happens to be on my side and while I have big boosters going and during my first hour of gameplay as well. This is not an accident and happens on different maps.

Overall, this post is about this game’s lackluster match maker design. I’m forced to play too many matches that should never be or at least should happen extremely rarely, but they happen to me almost daily. If I can give an advice to these people who think they are going on a cruise ship on a vacation, do your team a favor and try to spawn near the 2 caps with your destroyer. You are much more useful there. Go where the action is. You can win a match by holding the two near caps, not the one in the middle of the ocean. The match will be over with a loss before you can make yourself useful.

What is the point of playing these matches? I might as well exit all my matches for the first hour of the day. We are going to get steamrolled anyway. I usually get 0-40% win rate for the first 5 matches for the day, but I never see anything above that. It gets “better” after that, but you must play for multiple hours. I lost count how many times I played about an hour a day only and had 10-15 losses in a row overall, but gaijin keeps deleting the record of past matches very quickly (had it written down).

tl; dr: Remember, never activate your big, 1 game boosters the first hour of the gameplay for the day, if you can.

Do you think that professional athletes just arrive on the field, cold and just do what they’re doing?

There’s a reason for warmup matches in esports tournaments, and even just constantly playing, and being good.

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Wow, that’s a super quick reply. That was a first match for me, but does it mean it’s the same for everybody else on my team, BUT not for the enemy? What are you trying to say? Seeing so many people spawning in a destroyer in a cruiser spawn and away from all the action does not make any sense.

By your reasoning every first match of the day should be a full downtier, so you can warmup, but I always get 0.7-1.0 uptiers, as if by magic, including this match that was 0.7 uptier, but still with plenty of destroyers on my team, but they negated their advantage by spawning in the cruiser spawn.

I scan latest threads… That’s all.

I’d lean to more warmup, but also, are you set to multiple servers as that can mess with you a lot… After a while you could be ending up in to the rythm of more local players so when you queue you end up on your local set rather than the other further set.

Play a BR or so lower for a few matches in the start, just trim it down a tad and see what gives.

Also, SQUAD… Always… Call for people to group up and jam some music.

I used to have US server only, but last year added EU as well. Got tired of the strange long lasting losing streaks on the US server, so added some variety, if I play at a different time. These strange matches are cyclical. It goes up and down with sometimes sucky matches lasting for few days or even weeks (just like it happened to me last summer when I just came back after 9-month break). It got a bit better when I added the EU server (less major losing streaks). Sometimes it feels like there is some nefarious design to this game (match maker). Played way too many matches not to notice these strange trends.

You should consider what I just mentioned maybe… See if you are ending up being on your good matches on your local set xD

But really, warm up, is just you jamming and getting to a state where you tuned yourself in after a day of doing things.

You don’t instantly just run good, that’s why casuals who just play one or two matches find trouble constantly. And those who return to the game to see how things are often rage and leave again with thier ‘Old Guard’ title, and their ‘Been here since 2015, I know what I’m doing’ mentality.

The post was about my entire team spawning at the far side while the enemy spawns near the 2 caps. I can post you plenty of other screenshots like this. My hope was that maybe some of these far spawners in destroyers read it and try to change their ways. How is this even possible that one entire team is bloodthirsty while my team is mostly lemmings? Like I said, this is fine in some extremely rare cases, but this happens almost every day. I end up fighting 5+ enemies at the same time while my team rides the waves in peace at the far side of the map.

They’re spawning their biggest and best first, or, they are using the ‘random’ spawn, where they aren’t actually random, it’s just the one spawn.

Otherwise they’re just choosing to play out that far because they are trying to preserve their KDR and make themselves feel good.

How about the enemy team??? Do you mean they don’t care about their k/d and they don’t want to make themselves feel better? There are 2 destroyer spawns on this map and 1 cruiser spawn, yet all of them end up in the cruiser spawn on the far side of the map while the enemy mostly spawns in the destroyer spawn near the 2 caps. There are plenty of balanced matches, but then you get these… and on multiple maps. The game does not “randomly” spawn everybody on the far side while the enemy spawns “randomly” on the close side.

Run squads if you want people to think or do as you do, it’s the only true way. Other than calling on the team to do something and hope they do that is.

I’m chat banned for the last 7 years or so and I get a popup every time about it every time I start this game with no way to turn it off. I cannot even communicate with my squadron or any leftover “friends” because #gaijinreasons. Way to block major feature parts of the game after I have spent all that money on it. At this point I see this game as nagware.

That’s your own fault then, and if you want that chat ban lifted you need to contact a GM and plead your case.

My own fault or not, a game should not remove a major feature from a game for 7 years. I should at least be able to communicate with my squad and squadron and I shouldn’t have to dismiss a chat ban popup message every time I start the game. I have to do it every day, even when not playing, just for the silly login streak. Whoever gave me the ban probably is not even here anymore.
I shouldn’t have to “plead my case” after this excessive 7 year ban for something that wasn’t even anything major or “drastic.”

Thing is, you’ve had to have done something to be muted that long, and you’d have to have deserved it to either not appeal it, or have it lifted already.

Like, seriously, how much did you moan about the game and get all upset at anyone saying anything to even get that much of a ban… Jesus…

That was years ago when some mods/admins were trigger happy. It’s simple, all you need is 10 warnings… and they “never” expire. I’ve been around since… late 2012. The longer you are, the bigger the chance for a ban. It’s not complicated. If you told a teamkiller to go fk himself, that was enough to get a warning, even though he (sometimes even 2 players) was starting the teamkilling.
Btw, do me a favor and stop using God’s name in vain. Thanks.

Then go ask a GM to fix it for you then, as it’s a lot to do with your issue in this instance.

Just wrote about this a bit in another thread. I was going to do that a bit more than 1.5 years ago when I contacted someone about my BP rewards disappearing without collecting (top reward Soviet tank and something like 40+ of not collected levels). Got sick during an event and even lost a float Po-2. All I got was “you need to collect it when available. We cannot do anything now.”
There was a bunch of people with the same problem and they all lost their rewards. Not even a partial BP refund or anything. All these months of grind lost for nothing. I didn’t feel like asking them for any more favors after that.

That says you didn’t even bother contacting them assuming you weren’t going to get anywhere, which is nothing to do with this, and it proves further that you aren’t confident they will lift the mute.

Do not assume things. I just explained you the reason. After that I stopped playing the game for 9 months, even though I still had more than half a year of premium running. Yeah, I wasn’t touching the game for that long (even with premium), but contacting gaijin about chat ban was first on my agenda (not). I might probably take another break after my premium account expires in 200 days. I might see in November what I’m going to do with this game and even if I continue to play it anymore. I don’t even know, if I do another BP after this one, as doing the same lame tasks is very boring. Paying money to be tied to a game 3 months at a time doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

Like, seriously, if it was minor, you’d have already chased them up… There’s no other reason for you holding back on getting it taken off.