Fired Grenades/Shells losing their effect AFTER firing when Barrel destroyed

Why is this a thing and whats the reasoning behind it?

After having fired a Shell/Grenade and your barrel gets destroyed it just does nothing anymore - why are the Shells even still linked to the Tank and players network after having been fired which also leads to Ghost Shells?

Even the Missiles have some almost invisible string attaching them to your Tank which is i guess how they take over your tank controls.

But once your barrels gets destroyed, commander killed etc. it counts the already fired Shell as ineffective and non existent.

This is very not-good.


Cant they just make it so you cant fire and have the crew say “Barrel Damaged, need repairs” Or “breech is damaged, Reperations are needed”

Instead of making you spend 20 - 40 second repairing your breech because you gambled on your yellow breech