Finnish Leopard 2 in correct roundels

The roundels on the Finnish Leopard 2s are too large. Please fix. Images of the real tanks and the ones in wt for context.

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I’m guessing it’s to make it easier to tell the difference between it and other leopards, a smaller one would make it a tad bit harder

not really an issue. the more important Leo to identify are the SWE ones, because it doesn’t have stock HEAT so always a danger. And in case of the STRV-122’s better armored Leo 2.

And most players bush up their tanks so even less reason to not make it more realistic. Now it’s just a shoot here target.


literally unplayable!

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I think the camo on the swedish leo’s stand out quite a bit and can’t really be mistaken for the German or Finnish ones + it’s standard camo so don’t even need to grind for it

For some reason the German 2A4 has a marketplace skin of the finnish camo with the same roundel size

Also it’s a bit harder to tell the difference between the German and Hungarian Leo since accurate but small decal and just a darker shade of green

I’d think it would be for simluator battle but all 3 of these countries would be on the same side there so not really sure if there’s any other reason

Sweden met germany once that was fun. XD they stopped using tanks and started spawncamping us with planes and helikopters