Finland Deserves New Tanks

Why are you on about Isreal ? That isnt on topic.

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Israel has the Centurion and the M60 which at 50 tons each is a heavy in anybody’s tank book despite what War Thunder says. Both were the MBT for their respective countries. The JS3 was only 45 tons.

Merkava is 50 tones and a recognized MBT.

The idea that every nation has to mimic each other is the point you seem to be missing, they don’t. It would not matter to me if one nation focused on so called Heavy tanks and another did not at all.

And yes, what does this have to do with Finland? As for Sweden the unusual nature of its lineup is its strength and possibly reason for its existence as far as I can see. It was not brought in to mimic any existing nation.

Just because something is not identical does not mean it is not equal.

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Do you only play one nation?

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No, I haven’t actually. No reason to.

The OP was about Finland not Israel.

Battle Pass and all its faults is another topic entirely.

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To my knowledge there is just one Heavy tank challenge on BP which can be negated with 1000SL.

I flick between nations to achieve challenges on a regular basis. Your argument smacks of desperation, sorry.

Israel starts at 6BR and is not the same as the others by default. Maybe you should simply petition Gaijin to recategorize Israel’s tanks as heavies because they certainly are.
I would state that I am very much against your attempts to make every nation an identikit of each other, and I might also suggest that is the attitude that is killing the game, A need for pure balance. Perfectly matching nations (T34 VS T34 Presumably) on an air hockey table pitch of a map.

No that is War Thunder hell.

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That is only the point I was trying to make.
Who else do we add? Switzerland? Gambia?

Switzerland has actual unique equipment and is actually capable of having an independent tree, not really the best example of anti copy/paste rhetoric.

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Swiss Nahkampfkanone 2 would be a great addition to the game.

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I don’t really wish to converse with you. You seem to be intent on causing trouble so I will put you on ignore.


Because Finland was introduced to help fill out Sweden. That is it. Finland doesn’t need more vehicles.


Easy solution move Finnish KV-1B to Swedish tree. Germans don’t deserve it. They already have KV-1C so give Swedes the KV-1.
Also give Finland unique looking variants of T-34 with Finnish muzzle brake, Charioteer B, Comet B, T-34-85 75mm and then add the unique modern stuff like BMP-2MD and XA-185/Patria AMV.


so true thats what i always wanted

also makes little to no sense that finland is on allied side in ww2 era tanks Vote: Shouldnt Finland-Sweden tree be on axis side in ww2 era ground simulator battles?

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They fought on both sides of the war.
Considering that Sweden was neutral as well they could really go either way, though matchmaker isn’t so historical anymore anyways.

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So let me translate this: I play germany and I hate sweden getting more and more tanks while germany doesn’t.

If you try compare winter war 1939-40 + contiunation war 1941-44 that they fought compare to minor skirmish just to expel germans at the very end of ww2 in Lapand war sure thats your opinion. But I dont agree with you because that is like comparing Operation Cottage and Battle of Iwojima exept not battles but wars.

imagine being so salty having to answer to 7 month old comments.
And doesnt change the fact that i am right, its boring copy paste, nothing to do with germany or sweden
If there is more intresting finnish vehicles those should be added instead of the standard copy paste russian or german stuff

You don’t understand, ppl want the OP soviet vehicles for other nations because they hate USSR/Russia. They are asking for more soviet copy paste on sweden, poland and yoguslavia ( for some reason they are happy with Italy Hungary

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u apparently didnt hear the italians themself when hungary got added lol

Yeah my bad. When I talk about ppl or players, I mean the hordes of new unskilled gamers that flood games and then devs change the basis to attract more of them and cash grab. Most of the times ruining stuff

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