Finland as nation?

Finland deserves to stand as its own nation in War Thunder, distinct from Sweden, for several compelling reasons. Firstly, Finland boasts a significant arsenal of vehicles, particularly in ground forces, numbering in the dozens if not more. Comparatively, Israel, a recognized nation in the game, has fewer vehicles than Finland. This showcases Finland’s rich military history and diverse array of equipment deserving of representation.

Moreover, incorporating Finland as a standalone nation in War Thunder holds immense appeal for players, particularly Finnish enthusiasts eager to see their homeland depicted authentically in the game. This addition would undoubtedly attract a broader player base, enhancing the game’s popularity and engagement.

Furthermore, establishing Finland as an independent entity within the game opens up exciting avenues for development. It provides a platform for expanding both the Swedish and Finnish tech trees, enriching the gameplay experience with unique tanks, planes, and other military assets specific to each nation. This not only diversifies the game’s content but also offers players new strategic possibilities and historical insights.

In summary, granting Finland its rightful place as a distinct nation in War Thunder not only acknowledges its significant military contributions but also enriches the game’s content and appeal, fostering greater player engagement and enhancing the overall gaming experience.


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ChatGPT post

Also, Finland? Standalone?
…You do know that the only relevant vehicle Finland ever produced is the Patria platform?
The CT-CV105 being in the game.

I don’t understand this suggestion as it makes no sense. Finland was barely worth a sub-tree (as it’s already just entirely copy-paste other than the BT-5 with a different turret).

The entirety of Finland’s domestic contributions could have been summed up in a couple of premium vehicles for Sweden, even.

Correct me if I’m wrong - but I don’t recall Finland ever making any domestic design (past some reserve tier vehicles) other than the Patria hull? And even that is more of an export platform that other countries modified. Such as the British AMV.


Sorry but it isnt chatgpt. My own text and finland has designed and manufactured several indigenous military vehicles and equipment, including:

  1. Armored Vehicles:

    • T-26E, a modernized version based on the T-26 tank.
    • BT-42, featuring a Finnish-designed 114 mm gun mounted on a captured Soviet BT-7 chassis.
    • BT-42L, a modernized variant of the BT-42.
    • T-50, a light tank based on the Soviet T-50.
    • T-50-2, a modernized version of the T-50.
  2. Combat Aircraft:

    • VL Myrsky, a Finnish-designed fighter aircraft.
    • VL Pyry, a twin-engine fighter also of Finnish design.
    • VL Humu, a modernized version of the VL Myrsky.
    • Pyörremyrsky, a Finnish fighter that was under development but not manufactured during the war.
  3. Helicopter:

    • VHO-1/H48 Kolibri, Finland’s first domestically manufactured helicopter.

These are examples of Finnish-designed and produced military vehicles and equipment that were utilized in various conflicts. While some were based on foreign models or chassis, Finland made significant modifications and improvements that were notable in their operational use.

Patria is a company that made several export successes, including XA-180 and AMV.

This tank only seems to exist in WoT.

This is not a jet fighter.

It definitely seems written by AI.


Finland would be less capable on it’s own than Sweden was without a sub-tree: not only would they have less vehicles overall, but they’d be less unique too.

Finland really doesn’t have as many options as you make it out to be.

Also, Israel by no means has less options than Finland.

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Okay… Some early war Russian copy-paste…? And the BT-42? That’s already in the game?
4 low tier prop fighters, one of which is already in the game…?

And 1 helicopter… Yeah… That’s not a tree.

I would appreciate it if you actually read my post in its entirety.
Also, both of those are Patrias. As I said - Finland has only made the Patria hull. Then different turrets were put on it to the spec of different countries. That is still just one platform.

Don’t lash out at me, the irony is tasteful.

The vehicle you are referring to is called AMV… The COMPANY that makes it is Patria…

Wow I didn’t expect this forum to be so hateful. it would just be wonderful to see Finland as its own tech tree in the game.
Finnish vehicles list:

I don’t think it’s hateful to disagree.

Finland simply isn’t as potent of an addition as any of the independent trees we currently have.

It is a good contribution to Sweden and is best served that way.

Besides, if a new tree was to be added there would be plenty of options that are better than Finland.


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You are unnecessarily rude to being slightly corrected.

What you said is that the hull is called Patria and that the British variant is called AMV.
This is false, as clearly seen here.


The British variant was called AMV35, in reference to this being an AMV with a 35mm armed turret.
Patria, in the other hand, is a company that existed for decades before the AMV was even designed. Again, take a peek into their history. XA-180 exists…

In conclusion: next time you decide to be rude and smug at least try to make the effort to be correct in your statements, especially if you intend to lash out at the first given opportunity. What a joke.

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Adding finland as nation dosent impact current gameplay any negative way. Then there would be an opportunity for those who wanted to play with it, so they could! 👍

So, you’re saying you want THIS as a standalone tech tree?


no no, whichever AI program he used wants that as a standalone tree.


As I mostly play 6.7 and below (I don’t care much for post war stuff), I have to disagree.

Finland would almost entirely only have vehicles from other nations at the BRs I play, with the odd Finish tank modification or actual Finish designed plane.

I already dislike the addition of China in the game for this precise reason. I think where I stand is understandable.

I belive finland has more then there is in that picture

Yes, well - I am missing the expansive air tree of a couple low tier props. And the helicopter tree with one helicopter in it.

But I am unaware of any other Finnish domestic ground designs other than the ones included in that image. I’m also only counting the T-26E and T-50 (which are not Finnish at all) because you mentioned them expressly.

Realistically - it’s only the BT-42 and Patria variants.
I suppose there are more than 3 Patria variants, but I’d reckon some of them should go to the countries they were exported to, as Finland doesn’t use all of them.

Pretty much yeah. The Finns did up armour a captured T-50, and cement armour a Stug and KV-1.

Other than that we’ve got the Patria AMOS that could maybe work in game and a TOW armed version of the Sisu Nasu.

Tons of South African IFV and ATGM variants as well, but those should obviously go in the South African line.