Finishing out USSR TT

Hello all,

As the title says, I’m nearing the end of the Soviet ground tree, and would like some help with the order I should grind the final vehicles.

My previous plan was to grind the T-80BVM>T-90M>2S6>Pantsir, but the issue with that is that I’d be using the Strela as my AA for most of the grind at 11.7. My question is should I get the Tunguska first before moving to the BVM, or is the Strela good enough at top tier to be used until I get the better SPAAs?

Attached is an image of my tech tree currently, sorry for poor image quality I took this on my phone since I play on console lol.

Thank you

The 2s6 can engage some ground vehicles and allow for further aircraft engagements, plus it has a search radar. But the missiles on the strela are much more likely to hit and allow for you to engage multiple aircraft quickly.

It mostly depends on our play style. If you are going to play it as a pure spaa, I recommend keeping the strela.

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The Strela is still good at top tier

I would go T-90M>2S6>Pantsir>T-80BVM. That gives you a good MBT at the start then you get a good SAM system right after it.

T-80BVM is better than the garbage T-90M, at-90M should have been 11.3

My issue with the Strela is that it for some reason refuses to lock on to Helis that are more than capable of hitting me with their ATGM. And I’m not talking about IRCMs or countermeasures either, I will just stare at a heli for five minutes desperately trying to lock and either I have to go hide or wait for it to kill me because there’s no cover.
I figured the 2S6 would be better against helis because the missile can be hand aimed. Is that true?
Another issue I have with the Strela is the lack of radar. Much harder to find and identify targets, especially if they’re being smart and flying low.

This is a down side.

The big plus of non-IR is that you dont need a lock to fire. However, they tend to struggle with over correction.

For the strela, what mode are you using? The optical tracking usual works pretty well for helis. The 2s6 can reach them further out but most helis you face will get a warning about your missle and head to cover.

It really comes down to what your prefer. A more flexible spaa or one that does much better in a certain role. 2s6 is much more flexible while the strela can create a no fly zone over the immediate battlefield.