Finish F-15

Please ad an Finish F-15 to the game


*to the Swedish tech tree

I dont think ive ever seen an ad for a “finish” F-15.

Assuming you mean a Finnish F-15 its probably related to the fact they dont have any, and never has had any.


Might u be confusing the F15 with an F/a 18? Thats the one finland actualy uses

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The closest we have is US F-15’s participating in training exercises in Finnish airspace.

Probably i dont even think they trialed a F15
This is a F/A-18 @Dmis200


Oh sorry I mean the F-18.


ok you will get it when it come their is the sub tree so you will get it when it comes like the F15

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AIM-7/AIM-9 only F-18 from Finland would be neat. Save the AMRAAMs for the ground attack capable one?

Yeah as it could carry 10 AMRAAMS might be for the best

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Weren’t Finnish Hornets A2A only?

maybe not the later ones would have to check

so like i thought, they will get them once they add them into the game like everyone else

First one was. 2nd one had ground attack re-introduced.

Ah, fair enough.
Yes, they did get that capability later in the service

Can we please change the name of this post to the “Finnish F-18” or " F/A-18 Hornet For finland"

Yes, I am new, but how can I do it?

Just press the pen by the title and Save


He meant F/A-18 which will come