Finding bug reports over a year old that have not been looked at

As the title says, im following up an issue i have reported yet to find similar bug report that are over 1 year old being ignored by gaijin. No wonder there are so many bad reviews


Can you provide a link to this bug report?

There are many

I am waiting till they fix the stinger 10g pull bug

I feel many bug reports are just skipped over, because the reports in question just happen to not be in the expertise/interests of certain moderators online at that moment. Which makes it so some reports are missed as newer ones grab the attention.

Iā€™m not sure what to do with those reports or really how the system works when it comes to those old looked over reports. I hope some tech mod can elaborate on this bit.

I am waiting on a controler issue and found an issue i have with mouse and keyboard on xbox has had a bug report that has stood still for over a year. And none bugs are being resolved im not saying mine should take priority, its just the fact important/ difficult stuff looks like there ignored