Finally allow the Scottish Saltire to be available as a decal?

With the new update ‘‘Sons of Attila’’ finally released, upon exploring through the various new options been given to the players, there has been a new optional feature involving the change & customization of the free-flowing flags shown on naval vessels.

Ship Flag snippet

Within this new customizable option, I discovered a few flags that are present & selectable to use on your ships & boats whilst NOT being available under selection within the ‘World Flags’ section in the decals list, namely one being the Scottish Saltire.

The Scottish Saltire decal was temporarily available for a limited time during 2016’s ‘St Andrew’s Day’ event (Novemeber 30th) and has not been available to obtain since then, As it stands to my knowledge, Gaijin had specifically stated that the Scottish Saltire flag decal would not be considered a GE purchasable decal due to Scotland itself not being a ‘Sovereign nation’ for it belonging to the territory of the United Kingdom.

Scottish Saltire Decal

However, upon investigation into this matter, the new naval vessel flag option allows you to purchase the saltire for 500 Golden Eagles, (pretty much alike the world flags in the decals) alongside other questionable flags such as Wales, England itself & also Northern Ireland.

So why not allow for these flags to finally be obtainable as official world flag decals for the players who want to express their heritage?

There is even an opportunity to allow the saltire to return again for a limited time during ‘St Andrew’s Day’ this year (2023) just over a month from now, would be so glad to get my own hands on it as I’ve waited years for a chance.


The Saltire was available for about 24 hours around November 30th 2022 (last year). Unfortunately I hadn’t logged on for a couple of days and missed the opportunity to acquire it. I was hoping that chance would happen again this year. Set a reminder?

It was not available last year as i had made a post of a possible suggestion of re-releasing it for that said date last year & watched activity close - Nothing came of it sadly.

I don’t see why these flags should be available, but I also don’t see why these flags shouldn’t be available.

It was available last November. This link is to a Reddit post. The forum link doesn’t work since they changed the forum software.

Since there was no news post on War Thunder — Realistic Military Vehicles Online Combat Game for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Play for Free News nor on the Steam page (and no in-game popup as far as I can recall), I doubt most people saw that post buried in the forum. But even then, it doesn’t make sense to not have the flags available at all times, since they clearly have no issue with the flags being available on ships.

Yep - I fully agree

I’ve been logging in every day since March 2020, I can’t believe I missed this. I’m devastated.

Well, set a reminder in your diary for the next week or so.

@Smin1080p - any chance?