Fighting against 10.0-11.0 Russia is painful

I am averaging a 41% WR at 10.0 Sweden. Who at Gaijin thought it was a good idea to put the 2S38 into the game? That little roach has infested that entire BR bracket. It is basically the only thing I die to. Couple that with the TURMS, KA50, and SU25 and Russia has a great noob wallet warrior lineup from 10.0-11.10.


At 10.0/10.3 you have the best game lineup with Sweden.

Either the CV90105 or the CT-CV 105 are excellent for flanks and so are the CV9030FIN and the STRF9040 variants. You have excellent Thermals and two(!) Leopards at your disposal.
Add to it that you have the ASRAD (with thermals) and the LVKV9040 and you have the best 10/10.3 lineup in the game.

However, you need to play its strengths and that is mobility, speed and optics.
So don’t go down the middle like a russian main with 2 brain cells and go on the sides instead. Flank the enemy team and get in their back or on their sides. Scout whatever you can and you’ll have some very enjoyable rounds.

Also, if you can’t kill a TURMS or any other tank they bring along, harass them.
Go for the barrel, go for the tracks and then move off, someone else will finish the job.

Play smart!


It’s funny how you list TURMS in your list, but not T-90A lol.

i don’t know but my Swedish top tier are stomping Russian to the ground (god i feel satisfied af)


Its the sale, its not normally this bad.

Been playing 10.3 USA tonight and its literally been 2S38 thunder every game. We were only ever fighting russia and 2/3 of every russian team was 2S38s.

While it was awful and complete cancer to play against, we won every single game because they all spawned their 2S38s, died, and 1 death left.

I agree that thing needs to be 10.3 at least, but they arent normally quite as obscenely common as they are right now

its … pretty ok to be honest, my main gripe is teammates being fucking dogshit, also fuck stona if he decides to mute me for saying fuck well… 3 times now, anyways, you just shoot center mass and its fine! (maybe its my chinese bias, but for me its quite alright, the main issue is cas players needing no skill to get a kill off on me before i pull out my horrible mistral carrier spaa and make them implode)

sweden is extremely fucking broken, yeah also also lfp and mantlet will never not be the way to just make turms players suddenly regret using russian bias

Its funny to watch russia znd America lose when they are teamed together

I have no trouble with the 2S38 - yes it’s an annoying vehicle, but let’s put it in perspective: it’s deadly when the person driving it knows how to use it. Seeing as how it’s mostly wallet warriors, they tend to just roll in thinking they’ve got their next pwnmobile and are quickly divested of that notion.

The sheer amount of 2S38’s that try to pen my Vickers Mk.7’s turret frontally (or the Challenger for that matter) are high. The few that know how to do it properly, I can count on one hand. And a HESH round to the turret tends to shut it up very quickly. Either takes the cannon, or the turret ring at which point it’s just a snack ready for the taking.

T-72 Turms: also annoying AF with the trolly armor that eats darts like it’s going out of style, however, at close ranges, shoot the cannon or breach and watch as the absolutely pants reverse speed of the thing kicks in. At range (let’s say, big Tunisia type ranges of 3k+) all it really does to me (I main GB at the moment) is scratch paint on my turret, and I can usually get myself a nice turret pop out of returning fire.

I have more trouble with the L2A4 hordes, to be honest.