Fighters in ground arcade are still useless

so, i understand the need for removing ground visiblity for fighters in ground arcade. a little bit. because i still think gaijin approached that entire thing wrongly.

the biggest issue i have, is that they changed this, in order to force fighter pilots to do their supposed job, defending the bomber.

well gaijin, how can we defend the bomber, if you spawn the enemy fighter closer to the bomber, than a friendly fighter spawning near the enemy fighter?

the enemy fighter will always take down the bomber before the friendly fighter reaches the enemy fighter. so why dont you change that as well?

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They’ve always done this, it’s 5 IQ design.

yes, but now they gave arcade fighters a huge nerf. its not even enemy ground units, no, all ground units arnt marked. which means you can just as well shoot friendly units. ofcourse, this is all part of the big design. they want you to kill your own team, so you lose SL.

instead, gaijin should focus on the ground realistic CAS problem. which they happily neglected for the past few years.

oh right. real shatter. that was a problem caused by the airplane fetishists, if i remember correctly. because they are bad at playing air realistic, they go ruin the fun for ground realistic. not that i dont understand. less opposition. maybe only one or two enemy fighters to take into mind. other than that, alot of defenseless ground units to pad your stats with. why wouldnt you complaint about the 1 or 2 times an spaa is actually successfully able to land a shot on you?

maybe that is something gaijin should focus on. and not put a wrongfully placed nerf on arcade fighters, saying its so they can focus on the job.

what job, gaijin? the job of watching the bomber die to an enemy fighter that is placed next to the bomber we are supposed to defend, hmm?