Fields of Poland post rework


Why encourage spawn camping by leaving these spawns in sight of enemy snipers across the lake

It’s hardly spawn camping being hit from the otherside of the pond.
Spawn points could be could be dropped though but I suspect nobody would use them unless C was dropped as well and maybe into a farm or village.Often taking C as it is is a fool’s errand.

You can directly see in to the right side spawn from the other side of the lake.

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You can see spawn from a long way off on many maps.I must admit I don’t know why they messed with it in the first place.
Oh yes I do it was at the request of the player base on the Warthunder forum.

TBF, they asked for it to be fixed, not made worse.

Yes I have previously stated elsewhere I find Gaijin’s map design severely lacking.

Players complained that people were flanking along the sides in the forest to camp spawn so gaijin said “okay, get rid of forests and flanking, gotcha”
Now the large winter version is even worse.

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They interfered with a map that was mostly OK and this is what you get.One step forward two steps back.

What do you actually want? Every player wants a map designed around them.
They want every vantage point ironed out until all we are left with is a flat empty field.

Gaijin just flooded the game with the M109 which is long range artillery and you complain about being able to hit something from a distance? So we can’t use fast light vehicles to flank and using long range SP guns is a crime as well now.

We now have a pointless open area of field that is of no importance and is never visited.It was one of the best maps we had and the same for years.At some we have to let the old stuff be and move on not constantly tinkering with things that were fine while ignoring things which are so broken.

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Maps which offer dynamic gameplay.

You should be able to find paths from one side of the map to the other in relative cover while offering sniper position to take shots on players who go out of cover to cross faster.

Reworked European Provide / Fulda are the two best examples of this. This is necessary for good top tier gameplay.

Not everybody plays top tier.I certainly don’t .Have no intention of doing so.
Major difference between a BR 1 tank or plane and top tier.The map sizes should be x4 for modern era.

Many have been saying for years that the maps should have some relationship to the era of the vehicles involved or that we should have two divisions in WT to separate the eras even if its along a vague line.

What we have is various camps of people pulling the game in different directions.

I don’t mean any offence to you as you state your case fairly but see what I mean about the suggestions? You mean modern day/Top tier and I am talking WW2 ,no wonder the Devs are confused.

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I agree. Old fields of poland was great. Now it is just large, open fields that you have to rush through to get to cover.
Sadly, gaijin seems to have taken to trying to please the CoD players who dont like flanking and just want lanes to go down and fight cqc.

I wish gaijin could also undersrand that you can make large maps that are not like 80% open fields.

But it could be worse i guess. We could have ground maps that have spawns like naval has


Good news the majority of maps in the game are suitable for low tier

I fully endorse big era specific maps for top tier even though I don’t play it.
Plenty of tree ,buildings for Heli cover etc

I struggle to understand why we wait so many years for this to happen