Fiat G50 Bis A Navale

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Fiat G-50bis N | Aerei militari, Aeronautica, Aereo

Description: Here what was probably the most powerful G50 ever created, the G50 bis A Navale. But before we talk about it, let’s start with the history of the G50. In 1935, engineer Giuseppe Gabrielli developed a new fighter for the Regia Aereonautica and named it the G50. After many changes in the project, the first prototype, the MM 334, was built by CASMA to participate in the competition launched in 1936 to modernise the fighters already in service (the Progetto R) and it took off on February 26, 1937 with test pilot Giovanni De Briganti. Although it wasn’t a very modern aircraft, it was produced in series and in different variants. It served during the Spanish Civil War, throughout the Second World War (it served in many different fronts such as North Africa, the Battle of Britain and the Italian Civil War). It also served in various air forces such as the Italian Regia Aereonautica, the Finnish Air Force and the air force of the Croatian puppet state. The aircraft featured here was the embarked variant for the Italian aircraft carrier RN Aquila. It took off for the first time on October 3, 1942. Since the main embarked aircraft on the Aquila was the Reggiane Re 2001 OR, it was planned to be used in a number between 3 and 4 units with only armed reconnaissance porpouse. It was better armed than the normal G50 and had a total of 4x 12.7 Breda Safat machine guns. Only one prototype was built before 1942 and when the armistice arrived in 1943, every Italian project was destroyed and this one got the same fate. The project was discontinued and nothing further was done. As for performance, it was basically the same as the G50 Bis A (with some differences, for example the tail hook for landing on the Aquila). The engine was the Fiat A74 RC38 with a maximum speed of 470 km/h and a maximum trusth of 618 kw and a maximum altitude of 10700 metres.

Why it should be in the game: Basically this IS the best and well armed G50 that existed and will be very nice to be in the TT after the normal G50.



Length: 7.80m

Wingspan: 10,990 m

Height: 2.96m

Wing area: 18,255 m2

Wing loading: 128 kg/m²

Empty weight: 2 015 kg

Maximum take-off weight: 2 529 kg

Propulsion: radial Fiat A.74 RC.38 Power 840 HP (618 kW)


Max speed: 470 km/h at 5 000 m

Stall speed: 123 km/h

Rate of climb: to 6 000 m in 8 min

Autonomy: 620km

Tangency: 10 700 m



4x 12.7 mm Breda Safat machinegun

1x 250 kg bombs



Fiat G.50 - Wikipedia

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Italy needs all the naval variants it can get. With four guns this would be an excellent addition.


+1 it would be a good premium

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+1 more MGs will be nice

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+1 a better and more powerful G50? You bet I want it!

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+1 as an event a/c perhaps

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