Fiat G.50 V "Veloce", the G.50 2.0.

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Fiat G.50 V


In 1940 the High Command of the Regia Aeronautica began to like the German DB 601 engine, and therefore it was decided to have it produced under license by some Italian company so that it could later be mounted on some aircraft. In 1941 Fiat decided to try using a DB 601 engine on an “old” Fiat G.50 fighter to improve its performance and make it more competitive. Thus was born the fighter known as the Fiat G.50 V (Veloce) or more rarely called the Fiat G.51. The vehicle was over one hundred kilometers per hour faster (580 km/h) than the normal G.50, but the G.55 fighter had recently made its appearance and broke every record that the G.50 V could make, so the vehicle was shelved.

Armament and propulsion

The aircraft’s armament had remained almost unchanged, in fact the vehicle had the usual two 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns mounted on the nose. Perhaps there was a slight reduction in the number of ammunition carried by the vehicle, but there is not much certainty.
The aircraft was equipped with a Daimler-Benz DB 601 engine which could deliver a power of 1175 CV, which would have allowed the aircraft to reach a maximum speed of 580 km/h. On the other hand, the engine had problems related to cooling.

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+1 it looks to be very fast and maneuverable, i want to play it

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Why not, +1

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Gaijin, i need more italian props.


Oh my… +1

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+1 a very sexy airframe

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+1 very cool

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would finish off the g50 line perfectly, surprised its not in game already

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i think it would be a good 2.7-3.3 premium (only 2 50cals, good turn time and better climb than standard g.50 and in its br bracket there are already planes far faster than it)

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