Fiat B.R.20 bis "Cicogna", the second try.

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Fiat B.R.20 bis



The B.R.20 bis is a large modernization of the Fiat B.R.20 M, or another slightly improved version of the Fiat B.R.20, implemented in 1943 to make the bombers of that class competitive again as they were starting to be outclassed. The encore was characterized by an all-metal construction, the installation of new engines more powerful than the previous ones, a completely glazed nose, a new tail empennage, retractable tail wheel and an improvement in defensive armament. The weight of the aircraft increased, but this is balanced by the various improvements received.
During 1942 the test pilot Enrico Rolandi extensively tested the prototype of the aircraft (registered MM 456) and therefore from September to November of the same year the vehicle completed the flight hours in Guidonia necessary to obtain the approval of the engines. The interest of the Regia Aeronautica in the B.R.20 bis was however limited by the choice of the Cant. Z.1018 having better performance than the B.R.20, but in any case Fiat received a production order in 1943 and fifteen examples of the aircraft were completed, none of which saw use in the war sector.

Armaments and propulsion.

The plane was defended by five machine guns, three 12.7 mm and two 7.7 mm. The two 7.7 mm machine guns were placed in side positions and the other three divided between a front position in the nose, one in the belly and one in a turret above the aircraft. By doing this the plane had great cover from possible enemy fighter attacks. Furthermore, the aircraft could load up to 1,000 kg of bombs.
Moving on to the engines, the aircraft was powered by two Fiat A.82 RC.42 engines. Each engine could deliver up to a maximum of 1250 HP of power, and the aircraft could thus reach a maximum speed of 460 km/h and reach a ceiling of 9,200 metres. The maximum range of the aircraft reached 2000 km.



Length: 17.45 m
Height: 4.3m
Wing surface area: 75.00 m²
Wingspan: 21.85 m
Maximum weight: 11,500 kg
Maximum speed: 460 km/h
Engines: 2x Fiat A.82 RC.42 of 1,250 HP each
Autonomy: 2,000 km
Tangency: 9,200 m
Machine guns: three 12.7 m Breda-SAFAT and two 7.7 mm Breda-SAFAT
Bombs: up to 1,000 kg carried internally

Pictures and drawnings.





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