FIAT 6614 tactics for Italy BR 6.7

I admit that I die 90% of the time and cannot respawn more than twice, but in other games I get 1st or 2nd place, because I manage to dodge enemy fire and capture two different points, and then re-capture them for massive score and Silver Lion gains. Before I stopped playing (for now) I realised there was a medium tank that suited my Italian lineup, I just hadn’t bought it, so all my RP was going to waste (couldn’t break into the next Rank) now at least I have some armour in that lineup

Anyway what’s the deal with FIAT 6614 players not making use of the speed? I played Battle Of The Hürtgen Forest and there were two other FIAT 6614 team mates who both went to the northern map border and pretty much stayed there, while I used my FIAT to attack an enemy and put pressure on the northern capture point. I felt like the other FIAT players were too passive.

I’m happy with FIAT 6614 to be ranked at 6.7 but the FIAT AUBL/74 with its hopeless cannon should stay at 6.3. It isn’t likely to pay for itself in terms of KD ratio and it can be destroyed with low calibre guns. If possible I like to shoot the enemy’s engine and then run like hell. I’m not sure where to shoot on each enemy tank, but I guess the back is a good spot for heavy tanks (engine or turret) and also the sides for vehicles that don’t have thick armour protecting the sides. I think I should not use squash-head explosive on the sides because it’s not likely to cause more than a scratch.

I like to put pressure on the enemy and make them panic a little :)
… but when it’s all heavy and medium tanks I do feel under-powered as Italy. The best I can do is capture points and scout. In the future I will stop my stupid tactic of rushing to the point and capturing it, while chucking smoke everywhere. It’s suicidal, so I will re-evaluate how I play as Italy.

How do Italian players feel about the usefulness of the AUBL/74 - is it not just a weak version of the 6614? I want to get Xbox Series X in the future and return to the game, then maybe get the next light vehicle for Italy, just in case it’s better than the 6.7 stuff that I have.

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I’m not too much a fan of the FIAT cause my play style is more on the aggressive side so I do get killed a lot by mgs and other rounds. The AUBL/74 can be a struggle even the 60mm AUBL suffers from poor damage from the gun. I think the damage on both could be improved to a more usable point where its more viable to have it.


In the meanwhile, France has some cool SPG guns at BR 6.0 which destroy Tiger E with ease.

I don’t think the AUBL suffers at its current BR at 6.7 It’s fast with a good gun. It being a scout also means it has inherent value.

I’ll try it again sometime. I hate getting shot by planes, but I’m working on the medium tank in the Italy tree. If I buy 1 week premium I can get all upgrades for it, then I’ll have 1 tank that can hopefully withstand CAS.