Fiat 2000

That sort of overhaul to low teir Italy would absolutly throw so many vehicles under the bus in order to make way for this.

Really the only way i could see this vehicle being added is if they make way for WW1 esc vehicles in general, either by intoducing a completely new gametype to the game, and or adding 0.0-0.7 battle ratings or something weird like that

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The version that needs to be brought into play is the one with the two anti-tank guns on the hull instead of the machine guns this will give it the firepower it needs to be competitive at low BR.

What’s more, I want it as premium since France has the β€˜2C Bis’ as premium.

Since its ridiculous running speed, I would say put it at maximum BR 1.3 or 1.7


Nah come one bruth, such a fun locked behind pay wall?! Premium = I cant play it because I dont have the time and money for some grind fest event.

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I understand your reluctance, but Italy needs premiums, and honestly speaking Rank I premiums cost so little that they are thrown at you.

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+1 Its an italian char B1

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I wonder if War Thunder will consider adding WW1 and other inter war tanks one day, the gameplay would be hella slow though. They’d practically need their own special maps.

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The ONLY possible way for it to be added in the current state of the game

Would be as a 1.0 or 1.3 premium event vehicle with the 37mm’s as the secondary

Otherwise, this would be difficult to place

We just need some more decompression for this to make any sense IMO

The latest Flanders map would be good, as long as you cordon off the map to a smaller area. The trench positions would work quite well for slower vehicles to brawl, especially since you can destroy the walls with heavier vehicles in the large trench areas so you can get in close without being taken out too early. The rolling hills would be quite good for gun cars and such with a bit of range and little to no armor.