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Hi guys.

Today i wanna sugguest the Fiat 2000 to War Thunder.



The story of the Fiat 2000 began when Italy was able to obtain sambles off the french Schneider CA and Renault FT. and could fully understand the effectiveness off the tank back in the first world war.
In late 1915 Major General Giulio Martini ordered the Fiat company to start the resarch off what would become the Fiat 2000.
When the design was finished the official contract was called Automobile blindata d’assalto tipo 2000 also called the Mobile fortress which we know as Fiat 2000.
The design was a 40 ton armored vehicle with a 65mm main gun on the roof with machine guns on the side.
During the development off the tank. There was alot off drama between the company Fiat and Ansaldo since Ansaldo didnt have an army contract and they were the ones creating the armor plates for Fiat.
The layout was Simple and effective. the lower end served the Transmission, Running gear and the Engine. while the upper part served the combat department.
However the extreme size of the tank was considered too large for combat in the mountains of the Alps. so it was decided not to sent it to the front in the Alps.
But its combat debut would be in Libya when it was sent to fight of rebels.
The tank was mostly used for study and parades after the war. It recieved an upgrade in 1934 where there was installed 2x 37mm L.40 anti tank guns while keeping the 65mm howitzer in the dome turret.
However when World War 2 began the tank was scrapped and it is believed the reason was to salvage parts for the war effort.
There have been discussed in 2017 that a replica may be recreated using the original papers of the original tank design costing around 700.000 Euros


Fiat 2000 Heavy Tank - Prototype No.1 - YouTube

Tank overview and specification

The tank is believed to have a crew off 8 to 10 with multiple Gunners for the mahine guns another Gunner for the 65mm howitzer, Loaders, a Driver and a Comander.

The engine is the Fiat A-12 6 cylinder 250hp petrol engine

The top speed off the tank was 7.5 km/h

The weight off the tank was 40 tons.

The armor of the tank was 20mm at the front.

The main gun was the 65mm Howitzer in the dome turret. while the mod 1934 variant also carried 2x 37mm anti tank guns instead off the frontal machine guns.

In War Thunder

In War Thunder. The Fiat 2000 would need a rework of rank 1 in order to be implamentet to the game. so i have made a concept tree for Italy in order to show how it could be sitting in such a tree.



Special thanks to @Thurny for allowing me to Repost this suggestion from the Old War Thunder Forums. Link below to his old Suggestion.
Fiat 2000 - Italy - War Thunder - Official Forum



With the addition of the FCM 2C, I see no reason to leave the Fiat 2000 out. It would be best if it were in its later refit, as the two 37mm guns would greatly help. +1 for the 1934 version.


Any stats on the armament? If it can only sling HE rounds that would not be ideal, hence why I’m asking.

People vote yes on these types of vehicles thinking they will be fun until they actually take them out to battle.
-1, but the suggestion is well made!

Damn yes. +1

Just for the sake of every country having their own landship is a big +1 from me already, plus low tier Italy is hlla fun


It would be a bit ahistorical because it only came around later in the war but there were HEAT rounds developed for the 65mm. If I remember correctly the 37mms are the same as on the M11/39 already ingame.

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+1, but I hope it gets a special spawn point closer to the battle field, 7.5 km/h top speed is gonna be boring to drive around.

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That’s awesome! Got stats for it? =)

+1.Looks hilarious

There was apparently an AP round but I haven’t been able to find much information on other than that it exists and came around in the mid 30s. The HEAT round has a few values for the penetration varying from 76 to 120mm of penetration. It should be noted that this is an Effetto Pronto shell which had a poor base fuse that caused the shell to squish a bit on impact thus having some similar qualities to HESH.


Easy +1 because every nation should get a landship premium. Since they buffed the Sturmtiger’s reload, they could probably up this thing’s speed to like 12kph without anyone complaining.


What about Rank 0 which would contain such machines and which would be voluntary to play?

Rank -1 with armored tractor.

I found some of the ammo for the 65mm in a 1953 US manual. Unfortunately, the EP rounds do not have any info on the filler. We could make some deductions from the 65mm HE shell, which has 230 grams of filler, but that sort of conjecture is always iffy. The filler type is likely the same as other Italian HEAT-rounds and has a x1.28 multiplier.


^APHE round, circa 26mm pen (29mm if capped).

^ “HEAT”-round with base fuse, which functions like HESH.

^ Proper HEAT-round with nose-fuze adopted from German HEAT-shells.

Quite disappointing with such a valuable stat missing from the manual, but I’ll continue looking.

Source: Department of the Army Technical Manual TM9-1985-6 ( pages 85-86).


+1 pls

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Unfortunately I don’t see a place for the Fiat 2000 in current state of the game; if they shoudl extend it to ww1, the fiat mastondon is obviously the most welcome.

In the mean time I’m programming to go and see the recreated tank near Vicenza, Italy.
Such a beaty!


The tank looked huge at first, but then at the end when he stood up I was like, huh, it looks… normal sized?.


A few higher than a KV-2 (15 cm more).

+1 for 1934 variant, looks pretty cool

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