FFAR builder and Customization: Exemplar Use Case Hydra 70/Mighty Mouse FFAR

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Background Context: Disclaimer, This suggestion uses Hyrda as an example but most rockets could utilize this system to at least some degree

The Hydra rocket over its service life has seen a wide range of developments and changes as combat needs and technology advances. This has seen developments ranging from different warhead types and weights, different fuzing options, and varying propellant options. These options could enable increased player choice/customization options and offer additional progression and growth with a weapon system over time.


I propose a separate interface within the client that would enable the user to customize the components of their rockets to fit their play style. Components could be unlocked as part or vehicle progression, separate weapons progression, or by rank/BR. For example a Proxy airburst warhead option could be unlocked via macro level actions such as X number of kills with X weapon system, or it could only be useable on vehicles above a given BR or rank. Rockets are built out of match and are all or nothing when equipped. Users would not be able to mix and match multiple custom rocket types into a vehicle load out.


The following explanation will pull from a specific list of possible options but is not to be considered all inclusive. This document will reference macro level relationships of the components relative to available technical data but will not detail specific tuning numbers. For example stating low or high warhead mass vs specific weights.

The system could break components down into at least 3 core categories; Motors, Warheads, Fuzing/Guidance. For this suggestion guidance and fuzing are going to be grouped for simplicity but could be separated into a 4th category if desired for actual implementation.



· MK 66 Mod 2/3 low energy

· MK 66 Mod 4 high energy


· M151 HEDP low mass

· M229 HEDP high mass


· M423/M427 Point Detonate

· M429 Proximity Airburst

· M423/M427 Point Detonate w/ APKWS guidance

Motor energy coupled with warhead mass would be a significant factor in rocket physical ballistic performance allowing the user to custom tailor rockets to fit their play style or intended use case.

Example Builds and Hypotheticals:

User story 1:

I as a user want to use my LAV-AD in a more anti-helo role. Opposing helos are staying out of stinger range because of IRCM

I attach the 19 count hydra pod with the rockets equipped with the following mods;

· M66 Mod 4 high energy motor

· M151 low mass warhead

· M429 Proximity Air-Burst

This configuration gives me the lowest mass and highest velocity with the flattest trajectory. This makes range estimation easier and the proximity fuse ensures a direct hit is not necessary for damage or kills.

User story 2:

I as a user want to perform blitzing low altitude rocket runs with more efficiency. I was to maximize the impact effect on target as follow on hits are not likely to occur.

I attach X amount of the 19 count hydra pods equipped with the following mods;

· MK 66 Mod 2/3 low energy

· M229 HEDP high mass

· M423/M427 Point Detonate

In this situation rocket flight time is not the priority, so subbing out a lighter motor for a heavier warhead offers the highest terminal effects.

Additional Considerations

Balance for gameplay is an obvious consideration and this systems has several levers to ensure balance can be maintained.

Disclaimer The following are example balance considerations and is not an exhaustive list. Think general balance themes or ideology that these suggestions represent

  1. Certain mods can be mutually exclusive or balanced by weight

    a. Users for example could not equip a high energy rocket motor with a heavy warhead

    b. Users for example could not equip APKWS with a heavy warhead

    c. Users for example could not equip APKWS with a proxy fuze

  2. More potent combination could limit rocket pod size

    a. If a user wanted equipped a high energy motor, with a heavy warhead with APKWS, they would only be able to mount them in 7 count launchers and not in 19 count launchers

  3. Modifications are Rank locked

    a. Proximity fuses are only useable at Rank 5+ platforms

    b. APKWS is only useable on Rank 6+ platforms


This seems like an overly complicated way of adding additional rocket types. Most aircraft already get the rockets they could mount/should have from historic data as well as balancing.
I could see adding more rocket types to ground vehicles that have rocket pods that can carry different types of rockets as another type of ammo to unlock


It could be useful but it needs some simplifications

At least I agree with this suggestion. +1
It would be great if the warheads could be interchangeable, but idk if that is feasible.
I’ve been waiting for years for them to add new Zuni and Hydra variants in the game.


These are unused assets that have not yet been added to the game.

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As an APKWS user, i agree.

I dont understand why the APKWS cant getthe standar FFAR HEAT… Or even speed, or amount per pod. Its quite literally an add-on modification to the standar FFAR rocket. They were HEAVILY customized by the ground crew depending on the mission.

Maybe this system is too complex for the spaghetti code of the game but the game should at least give you more choices due to how customizable and versatile the FFARs were.

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