Feedback on Latest News Cycle

Just wanted to say it was nice seeing recently a bunch of different news articles by the developers explaining in very specific terms the situation with the Abrams and other vehicles.

When it’s clearly expressed why certain changes are being made or why they think they should be made, and their evidence for such things, it’s just… nice to see. It’s interesting seeing from a development perspective why the decisions they make come to pass, and it makes it easier to accept when I can understand their research and what information they have.

This is in reference to ‘Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams’ and ‘Answering your concerns regarding spall liners, MBTs and Aircraft’.

I just wanted to say, I at least appreciate what the developers are trying to do in getting this dialogue out there.


Except that they just bamboozled you and manipulated you by cherrypicking the handful of examples that were convenient for them to dismiss and ignoring 20 other better sources they were given that they didn’t have arguments against.

So, not really very nice at all, actually. Going out of one’s way to manipulate and deceive people is worse than staying quiet.


Totally agree bro.

Its a really good point

The excuses used do not justify the imbalance present ingame. Gaijin has bit off more than they can chew with no sign of slowing down. They’re going to choke to death because they refuse to wait and research new vehicles properly and to take the time needed to model them correctly.

I don’t know enough about the Abrams to comment on the issue itself… but like in all types of these issues, are there like verified sources out there you could show me at least? I’d like to see them. Are there books I can purchase to learn more, or links you can show me?

Just read the comments section in “Official News, Development” channel under the thread for this news release item, easiest place to start.