Favorite Trailer moments

So, every major patch, I generally buy one of the new vehicles as my way of not only supporting Gaijin, but also because I’m well off enough to spend money on something that has given me 10 years of excited, joy and rage(Let’s be honest here…) I told my girlfriend that the dev season has started and that obviously I’m excited. She knows I’m waiting for the F-15. So she asked if they showed anything I want to get yet. I told her no and explained how Gaijin normally starts small and does a teaser that shows the “Big boys” of the patch and that I’d generally have to wait for that teaser to know what I’ll be getting…

Which started the conversation of the teasers and stuff… Which made me think about them and honestly, there’s one huge moment for me that even to this day, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the teaser dropped…

Without a doubt in my mind, my favorite moment of ANY teaser or trailer was with Apex Predators. Specifically the reveal of the F-16. Not because of the F-16 itself, don’t really like the jet. But, the cinematic of it was top notch. The build up and then silence to follow up to that hanger reveal scene, I still go back to watch it from time to time when I need some drive to play lol

Which brings to the reason I posted this, was curious what other War Thunder players feel is their favorite teasers or trailer moments that just made you go “Oh shit! Yes!”

(By the way Gaijin, whoever designed that moment, needs to do the teasers moving forward.)


I love the “Drone Age” trailer

The whole thing, or is there a specific part that stands out?

Just the whole story of the trailer, it’s so beautiful

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Here is good old trailer.

Very old school. That’s your favorite?

imo it is far better than recent trailers like “Danger Zone” and “Apex Predators”

Gonna have to disagree. The F-16 reveal in Apex was the best moment in any trailer. For me anyways.

My favorite trailer was the Danger Zone one honestly. I was just done watching Top gun Maverick with my best friend and we went to a restaurant afterwards to eat diner. Then i checked discord and saw that my other friend had pinged 30 times or so and sent a youtube link. I clicked on it and was immediatly sent on the trailer and when i saw the F14 i was so excited that i shouted in the restaurant ( i wasn’t kicked out btw lol) so yeah this scene of the F14 on an aircraft carrier in front of the setting sun almost costed me my meal lol.

I didn’t really like the Apex Predators that much cuz i was with my gf and couldn’t watch it immediatly so i got spoiled by my friend before i got to watch it sadly.