Faster nuke planes pls

getting a nuke at 10.0 is easier than dropping it, those planes are so bad you have almost no chance to drop it unless the whole team decides to protect you


They seem moderately fast, I haven’t had any problems other than matches ending while I was in the air.
Other than that all I want are countermeasures for the nuke planes…

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problem is they dont get to fly at their top speed, they dont accelerate and get no CM
nuke planes are just free food for any strielas,gepards,ozelots and any plane currently in the air

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Yes. Something like the Tornado GR.1/Su-17M4 would be good

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Jaguar A is slow?

SU-7 is slow?

yes, they are slow and cant defend themselves

isnt like, one of the purposes of seeing a nuke plane to like, ya know, destroy it?

its too easy to destroy them, getting a nuke should be rewarded not punished, you should have a living chance of dropping that hard earned nuke

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You flying high or low?

who flies high in a nuke? there is no time to climb and it only exposes you more to AA

I’m waiting for the player who comes in here and start the ‘just side climb’ stupidity

“High” is anything that isn’t tree level flight.

I always fly tree level but on many maps that is still not enough to not get locked by AA and it doesnt make a difference if a plane comes after you because you got no flares

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If you approach from the direction of your team’s ground spawn - how does AA lock you?

Fairly flat map (like Aral sea), along with IR missile-slingers (like Type 81), can feasibly cheese a lock on just before you can drop the nuke.

Although, I would say fighters with all-aspect missiles defeats the nuker extremely easily compared to SPAAs.

Nuke is a nice reward to allow a player to secure a victory which gives a bonus, but it’s not good to give players an automatic victory just because a single player had outstanding performance.
At the very least the other team should have a fighting chance, so yeah - getting a nuke must be really exciting. And being shot down must be a real bummer. But it’s supposed to be a challenge.

Su-7 is great from a standstill, but the Jag is godawful

Sure, but the giving nuke jets access to flares (at the very least 30) would not give them an ‘automatic victory’, especially at 12.7. Flares just makes it so that nukers have a slight chance of nuking at that tier, particularly when nuke jets also have the worst airframe compared to stuff that exists at 12.7.

Getting spawn-camped at the airfield by a Tornado with aim-9ls isn’t much of a challenge, but more of a nuisance.

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More things should be done vs spawn/airfield camping.
Countermeasures should be given to bombers if they indeed had them IRL, otherwise some air spawn.

at 10.0 i think the Jaguar or Su-7 is actually rather fair. They should get counter measures tho.

The real problem is at 11.0+ where they get outclassed and way to easily killed by helicopters with OP AAMs, or SPAA with great missiles.

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