Falsely flagging should be punished with Forum bans

The flagging system can be useful and beneficial when used with good intent, but, as of now, I have only seen it maliciously used as an “I don’t like this opinion” button manchildren use against anything they disagree with.

For that, I suggest that:

1st falsely flagged post: warning.
2nd falsely flagged post: 7 day Forum ban.
3rd falsely flagged post: 30 day Forum ban.
4th falsely flagged post: permanent Forum ban.

Maybe then people will start thinking twice before spamming unwarranted flags, and will start using the flagging system exclusively against rule-breaking content, as the system is intended to be used.


Absolutely agree wholeheartedly.


Can you flag replies or only starting posts?

Someone on the forum is limited to 3 flags per day, tho I forget who.
It’s someone that allegedly dislikes me.
I think limiting flag potential of people is the best solution.
Bans of posting are a bit silly.

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Doubt it. It’s the internet after all. Old forum reports were 1000 times better than this system.

In the old forums we had the emoji thingies that you could use to do this, after the dislike button got removed from everywhere cause of the PC craze. There is no other alternative to this on this forum. And there should be one. You can’t ignore posters either as in the old forums. So if you want to read a thread you have to sit through all the garbage that some people constantly spew. Plus you have to click the show message for those people whose opinion you’re interested in and others spammed the flag on.

TLDR: The entire system on the forum is broken and should be revised from the ground up.

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Is it possible this is already in place?

Thing is we will never know either way as it becomes “none of our business”.

Of course that does not make us feel satisfied there are consequences, but I can’t think of any way this might change (it is not our business to know other than having to trust they do stop egregious use of the system).

So far all but one of my flagged comments are still there to see (the removed one was fair enough).

Though oddly I saw a post recently with the OP effing and jeffing and after flagging that aspect I was given a message saying staff had already reviewed it and said all was OK… it was NOT OK, but all needed was one or two words removed, yet the staff said all was OK.

So you can all … (nah, not doing it, but maybe I could?)

And honestly I have seen some really questionable language all left unchecked across the forum, so maybe it is fine? Considering I once received a warning on the old forum for using the word “dumb”!

That is the problem.
Dumb, idiotic, retarded (opinion, view, system), moronic and so on are seen as insults by some, but are normal words which only get insulting once directen at a person. They are fine if directed at statements, systems or other stuff.

For example saying “X is a retared spasmic person” is a clear insult, while saying “Volumetric is a retarded system” is fine.
Yet the latter will be reported by some and, depending on mod will be removed or greenlit.

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The one I saw was F this and F that; approved by staff…

“F Volumetric” is fine
“F PERSON X” is only fine if he likes it, but it still shoudl stay between you and the other person, others can not knwo your kinks so better to just not say it to avoid this easy to have misunderstanding

As long as we know such language is fine 👍

You actually can add people to your ignore list - I’ve got a few folks ignored already, for the exact reasons you mentioned. Just click on the offender’s profile, and then from that view you can add them to your ignored user list:


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They still show up. It only hides the replies to your posts. It’s the first thing I’ve tried when the new forum was introduced.

“It’s someone that allegedly dislikes me.”

So that’s about 95% of the the forum population then? You flag anyone who looks at you the wrong way, anyone who disagrees with you, anyone who calls you out when you derail threads.

*This post shall now be flagged in 3…2…1…

For the record - I think a user is capped at 3 flags on the same poster per 24 hour period. The forum uses the Discourse Model (US Software thingy) and I don’t believe that Gaijin have done much in the way of changing the defaults.

Ah - there we go -

Discourse (software) - Wikipedia


Maybe they changed something since then? For ignored users, I see only a note reading “View 1 Hidden Reply” and the only way I know which user it could be is if someone else replies to them, then I’ll see the ignored user’s name with the response arrow showing in their reply, but I don’t actually see the ignored user’s post in the thread or in the response post.



Some may need to review thier usages of the forums lol

Rechecked, settings not saved or probably expired. Works now.

Edit: still can’t ignore mods :/