False Anticheat trigger

a m8 and i just qued in a game on the devserver and we both got kicked at the same time by anticheat

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Had this yesterday. EAC does do this, especially if its your first game in ground.
Recommend restart of client, ensuring that EAC is enabled.

Any further issues, contact staff.

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Actually, they’re sharing the issue listed here…

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After dowloading the dev server, I had to delete and reinstall EAC to play again. Try doing that first.


I can’t play on dev server at all, but on live server EAC has no problems.

I had that too. Does yours work if you turn off EAC on the dev launcher? That gets me onto the server to look at stuff, at least.

And Gaijin is closing them all as “not a bug”. I guess they didn’t learn last time.

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Live server in no problem aswell
just twice on the devserevere

I didn’t care enough to try more than twice.

Seems EAC got update and is freaking out, Gaijin kinda needs to fix this problem quickly before it causes problems, like banning unintentionally

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Because the fix is there…

You even know it. Clear the EAC folders, verify files, bam done… Nothing amazingly intense as your suggestion to clear out the installs and reinstall.

It’s not going to ban you for that, it’s merely saying that the client isn’t running and throwing you out of the match because of that.

The fix is to remove the EAC folders from the game folders, verify files on the install you are actually having the issue with, and try again.

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Because its not. Because if you install as default you will break the game.

Highly doubt it…

Clear the EAC folders, verify files. No need to go overboard like you’ve suggested to uninstall and reinstall everything.

Find the War Thunder shortcut > right click > open file location > find and right click “EAC” > click delete > close file explorer > start War Thunder.

It will reinstall EAC since there file corruptions that can happen. It is a simple, easy fix. This is why these reports are labeled “not a bug” since this is solvable by the end user.

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Out of curiosity. Did you install dev to default location?
Do you play live via Steam launcher?

Polling for info.

Default and I do not use Steam. Just deleting the EAC dir and checking files did not keep the game from crashing in live until I went and uninstalled the app and reinstalled a fresh production client.

I chose custom folder I prepped specifically for it on my non-boot drive and got no errors.
This is twice now I’ve heard default folders having this issue, which is usually in one of the Windows-protected “Program Files” folder.

I’m now hypothesizing it was a glitch with Windows permissions on install of EAC the first time.

Misconfiguring you installer is most definitely a bug. No, an end user should not be expected to have to go unfuk the dev’s mistake.