Falklands War map for planes and tanks

Good morning, afternoon or evening, I would like to ask you to make a map for the Falklands plane battles, mainly for all Argentine players.


What a good idea, I always wanted a map of the Falkland Islands

Would be fun, The Sea Harrier would enjoy it too


A fun read:


IWM also did a great YouTube series on the conflict, but shall check this out too, thanks.

I love the Irony that Britain actually offered the Sea Harrier to Argentina as their Carrier based aircraft

Hmh - you are asking for a “Las Malvinas” map?

Just add Naval to your Air and Ground map wish list, wait until they implement submarines and ask again for the map and for the ARA San Luis to be implemented too. This might help to cool down some UK mains here…


Depending on which still available sources you wanna believe it was either human error by Argentinian torpedo technicians or a production failure of the German SST-4 torpedo which led to malfunctions - saving most likely the HMS Invincible on their way to the islands.

Invest some time in research - the web is mostly cleansed, but you find here and there some claims that the HMS Invincible got torpedoed, some say 3, others say 8 torpedoes were launched - all failed to hit or to explode. That these cheap subs were even able to infiltrate a US carrier group (2001) should give you at least a hint that the San Luis torpedo story might be true.

You see some discussions in the web claiming this is a hoax, but if you clean the web - it never happened. And have in mind - Argentina got their revenge with the “Hand of God” incident in 1986…

I like the formation of the islands and having a passage to let heavier ships through, but possibility to have landing craft go across to prospective sides to land and make landings for tank spawns… Whilst still having tank spawns on the other sides so they can head down to where the enemy is heading to, to stop them.

There’s a lot of capability in this area.

(Even if it’s not historical, the land formation is actually really cool.)

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The Harrier is a nice plane, although when it was offered it was still in its early stages. I am not surprised by the offer, political relations between Argentina and the UK were always good until 1982 (with the exception of the events of 1806 and 1807).

In relation to the war, what was truly fearsome for the FAA was the AIM-9L, without a doubt.

A map of the Malvinas/Falklands would be great. I think many Argentines and Brits would appreciate it. In addition, we could also recreate the naval battle between the Royal Navy and the Kaiserliche Marine during the First World War.

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