Falcon At 7.7

Let gaijn give Falcon 7.7 because 8.0 is pointless, 8.0 There’s already a chieftain marksman who is better than Falcon in every way, he realizes that gaijn gave Falcon 8.0 because he destroyed a lot of vehicles, but that’s not a reason just reduce mu penetrations like in kugelblitz, and the problem disappears, now playing Britain there is a jump from BR 5.0 to 8.0 and playing 7.3-7 there is no AA, and you often die from planes, and I can’t do anything because there is no AA on these br please change it]

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I agree. I think it should have less pen and a lower br. or just remove the ap shells completely maybe? I dunno though. That might cause other problems?

they put it on 8.0 so it doesn’t destroy vehicles and on 8.0 there are even more vehicles that don’t have armor and the falcon can destroy vehicles even easier so it’s even worse and britain doesn’t have any AA anymore

In my opinion it still does quite well at 8.0.
Having spent a lot of time with it since the days it still sat at 7.3.

The Marksman is more specialised for anti air.
With the lack of radar the Falcon might not be as good as the Marksman against aircrafts in some cases… the Falcon is the perfect all-rounder honestly.

I think we should remove APDS and go back to 7.3. 7.3 is missing an AA.


The only problem is that I die from me262 or arado all the time and I can’t do anything about it because the Falcon is on 8.0 and the skink on these br is terribly weak, and as for the chieftain marksman in my opinion he is better for destroying tanks and planes from Falcon

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the boy is right, he should be on 7.7

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yeah and most nations have problem with this except russians. A big hole from 4.3-5.3 to 8.0 and higher

They put it to 8.0 not to stop it from killing tanks but giving an appropriate BR for it’s stats and obviously that helped because otherwise it would be 8.3 by now

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Gaijin is constantly adding new AAs all over the place to close gaps or at least make them smaller for a few updates now so I’d just wait and things will get better. I mean the Falcon used to be 7.3 and the gap used to be 3.7-7.3 now its 5.0-8.0 so 3.6 to 3 (plus the Bosvark is really uptierable)

The only nation that doesn’t have holes is the ussr, weird?, in my opinion, the explanation because he destroyed tanks makes no sense, that AA destroys tanks is the biggest stupidity in war thunder, as I mentioned above and not only me, it’s enough to reduce penetration because it was such an op, without this penetration the problem disappears, hiding behind penetration in AA is weak because it’s not a tank destroyer.

It’s 8.0 because it completely destroys tanks and has a better k/d ratio than a lot of actual tanks.
Probably because it’s British it just gets BR increases opposed to German SPAA that just gets nerfed pen or belts until it’s useless.

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Because the recently closed that gap in the last updates… also Germany doesn’t really have a gap as well. Also the Falcon isn’t even the only SPAAG that is better at killing tanks than planes… for the longest time Russia had a 3.7 to 7.0 gap although the ZSU57 could have easily been a lower BR with no AP shells…so there is that

As I said the Bosvark is super uptierable it only has the 5.0 BR because that is where it stops being just OP but it stays a very capable AA up until 7.7. It’s a lot better than anything some other countries can offer.

Bosvark is terribly weak, it doesn’t even approach r3 or btr

YOu mean the BTR-ZD? The AA that has literally the same gun

german AA’s are not useless the fact that you can’t destroy kv1-2 doesn’t mean that AA is useless, no normal person should use AA to destroy tanks, and that in wt there are absurdities like Bandkanon 1 which has better efficiency in shooting planes than AA and AA itself has better k/d than tanks are two different things, and going back to falcon, and reading the entries under my thread, the only sensible solution is to remove the APDS shells

only problem in Bosvark is that the cannon is so poorly placed that it has a lot of dead zones and is not very suitable for combat, and even more so on 7.7 or 8.7, it’s absurd that I have to write why AA with 5.0 is weak on 7.7

A long time ago, it was 7.3

Then it should be equal for all, yet we have the Wirbel and Kugel and whatnot get nerfed, recently all German HVAP lost 25% pen across the board anyways, but other nations just get an increase in BR where they just become more lethal as they don’t face WW2 heavies anymore and instead just light armored vehicles.
Meanwhile we have the 2S38, which is an AA, be one of the better AT vehicles, better AA than the OTO on top, that is a full BR higher because reasons, which is also limited in AT capabilities only getting 12, but again a full BR higher.
Then we also have the ZSU-57-2 which again is one of the better AT vehicles.

Game lacks consistency as always.