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Hello, today I would like to suggest the addition of the Falaq Modular MLRS (also spelled as Falagh) into War Thunder. This is an Iranian short-range MLRS mounted on a mobile chassis, featuring an option to equip with three rocket options, ranged a small 107 mm rockets to a huge 333 mm rockets.

The Falaq MLRS with 333 mm Falaq 2 rocket pods.

During the war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988, Iran has imported a large numbers of rocket launchers from China and North Korea. One of these examples are the so-called “M-1985” 240 mm MLRS system from North Korea. This relatively obscure truck-mounted MLRS would serve as a basis for the Iranian domestic rocketry and missile projects after the war.

The “M-1985” MLRS next to a group of Iranian soldiers during the Iran-Iraq war. This North Korean MLRS would serve as a basis for many Iranian MLRS projects
The Fajr 5 (old model) during the Sacred Defence Week parade, Isfahan, 2019. The Falaq MLRS is essentially a lightweight version of the Fajr 3/5 system.

Reportedly with North Korean assistance, Iran later produced a copy of the “M-1985” system called the Fajr 3 in 1990. This MLRS system would serve as a testbed of the following Iranian rocket program. Later, Iran successfully produced the Fajr 5, an upsized version of the Fajr 3 based on a technology derived from the Chinese WS-1, with a caliber of 333 mm and substantially longer range and firepower.

After the Fajr 3 and 5 entered service. The Iranian rocket forces felt the need of an mobile, short-ranged version of these larger MLRS that could be easily deployed in the most rugged of the country’s terrain, and are capable of direct fire support against enemy fortifications. Thus, the Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group, a part of the Aerospace Industries Organization of Iran, has developed the Falaq 1 and 2 short-range rockets, based on the Fajr 3 and 5, respectively (though many sources indicated a closer resemblance with the Soviet BM-24 rockets instead). These rockets would later entered service in late 1990s, typically mounted on various commercial trucks.

A grainy image of the Falaq 1 and 2 launcher on the Toyota Land Cruiser in 1990s.

In September 2013, a new version of the Falaq MLRS were spotted during the annual Sacred Defence parade. The vehicle is based on the Kaviran light utility vehicle (LUV) chassis, carrying a pair of Falaq 1 and 2 rocket pods, with the 333 mm rockets in a fixed mount further into the middle. This is, in fact, the prototype version of the Falaq Modular MLRS.

A prototype version of the Falaq Modular MLRS with fixed launchers.

A year later in 2014, the finalized version of the Falaq Modular MLRS was officially unveiled. Here, the Falaq’s launchers are now fully traversable (though the firing arc were restricted on the rear due to the rocket blast that might damage the vehicle cab), and a small crane were mounted on the right side to change the rocket tubes when reloading, which would be folded onto the center of the rear chassis when not used.

The Falaq Modular MLRS during the 2014 reveal. Here, a small crane can be seen lifting the Falaq 2 launch tube.
Close-up of the Falaq MLRS with four 240 mm rockets. Note an image of the system with two 333 mm rockets on the poster.

In default configuration, the Falaq MLRS can be equipped with either four 240 mm Falaq 1 rockets mounted on the launchers with eight reload tubes, or two 333 mm Falaq 2 rockets on ready and other four reloads. The launchers can also be configured in mixed combination, with one Falaq 2 on one side and two Falaq 1 on the other. As with the older model of the Falaq MLRS, it can also be used for direct firing against fortified positions or enemy vehicles.

The Falaq MLRS with its 333 Faragh 2 rocket partially inserted. Note a stack of 107 mm Fajr 1 rocket launchers, in which the system can also be equipped with.
An “idle” mode of the Falaq MLRS, with two Falaq 2 launcher tubes at the back.
Ditto, back view.
Back view of the Falaq MLRS in its launch-ready configuration with 333 mm rockets
The Falaq MLRS launching the 333 mm Falaq 2 rockets

Groups of Iranians inspecting the Falaq modular launchers during the 2019 Eqtedar 40 exhibition. Note that this peculiar Falaq is based on the newer Aras 2 LUV instead, and also the mixed configuration of the launchers.

In addition, the Falaq system can also be equipped with 18 107 mm Fajr 1 (a derivative of Chinese Type 63 rockets) in a pair of nine tube launchers for infantry support. In this configuration, the vehicle can store up to four sets of Fajr 1 launchers, with 48 rockets carried on the vehicle in total.

While the system saw service both in the Iranian Army (NEZAJA) and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The exact numbers of the Falaq MLRS system currently in service with Iran is unknown. Though a sizable numbers of the rockets were sold to Syria and saw service in the Syrian Civil War.

The Falaq MLRS with 107 mm Fajr 1 launchers during the 2018 Sacred Defence week parade.
The Falaq MLRS during the Islamic Republic Army day, 2022. Note the single launcher configuration of the Falaq 1 rockets instead of the usual two

Specifications of the Falaq (or Falagh) 1 and 2 rockets. Taken from Defense Industries Organization (DIO) catalog.

In War Thunder
There are currently only few delicated direct-fire rocket launchers in War Thunder, either a slow vehicle with massive rockets like the Sturmtiger, or the small HEAT rocket launcher on a fast but lightly armored like the Rakatenautomat. The Falaq Modular MLRS is a peculiar outlier of any MLRS system, being an extremely fast and small vehicle that can carry huge rockets that can actually be directly aimed at an enemy tank (unlike the fixed-angle RBT-5) and obliterate them in one shot. Player would have an option between a faster but weaker Falaq 1 that can still destroy most tanks in one hit, or a much bigger and slower Falaq 2 that can destroy anything around it even in near miss, though it is limited by low ammo count. Because of this, I think the Falaq MLRS would be a great and unique addition to the game.

Crew: 3 (Driver, Commander, Rocket operator/loader)
Length: 5 meters
Width: 2 meters
Height: 2.2 meters (not counting the missile launcher)
Empty weight: 3.4 tons
Combat weight: ~4.5 tons
Transmission: Four-wheel drive
Maximum water crossing depth: 700 mm
Suspension: 4 x 4 rigid coiled spring
Top Speed: 120 km/h
Gearbox: SCGB -320-4p
Power/weight: ~29.55 hp/t in combat ready weight
Engine: 133 hp, 3600 rpm diesel-powered engine
Primary Armament: 1 x modular launcher. Can be outfitted with up to 4 x 240 mm Falaq 1 launchers, or 2 x 333 mm Falaq 2 launchers, or 18 x 107 mm Fajr 1 launchers. Mixed configuration consists of 1 x Falaq 2 and 2 x Falaq 1 are also available,
Armor: Negligible
Ammo Count: Up to 12 for Falaq 1, up to 6 for Falaq 2, and up to 48 in Fajr 1, with launch-ready rockets included.



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