Fake Xbox tag in username and possible cheating

Hi! Today I found a guy with a fake Xbox tag in his username (again)!
This has been a reoccuring issue but this has gotten out of hand in arcade, cheaters using the Xbox tag to mask themselves has to be the lowest of low things i’ve ever seen.

Honestly, i dont see WHY someone would disguise himself as Xbox (or PSN) player…so i am guessing this is a bug or something…
I cant see your image (or link) so i cant check…
There is no advantage of having a console tag…of anything that makes enemies hunt you more…

BTW…there are a lot of players that migrated from PS4 to PC only, so they are now PC players but i am not sure if they retain the tag…perhaps same for Xbox…
PSN players can also play on PC…

Not sure if i am missing something…

Just realized you may be sharing the NAME only…if so, why the “suspiction”? And is there a chance it is actually a bot?

I can confirm , if your account originaly is either a psn account or xbox account the console player symbol will always show, even if you now play on the computer. The symbol only dissapears if you formaly request the transfer from psn to pc (which wasnt possible since a year) additionaly console players can just put a keyboard and mouse on the console and play with that as well

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They have linked their account with their pc… or just play mouse and key board on console. If your getting clapped and claiming cheater and a console its most likely a skill issue. Unless you watch the replay and watch that players entire interaction its hard to prove.

In my experience, this is exactly what happens 99% of the time. Must be pretty hard to be the Gaijin employee who recieves all the complains.


You wonder why they take time to act on legitimate cheaters… they got to go through bozo complaints. For everyone legitimate hack complaint there must be 20 salty players complaints. 1/20 maybe that’s to low… I’m very careful on calling people out, I could have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time.


As far as I remember, if you play on console and see a name with a gamepad icon that means that player is playing on a console. If you see a PC icon that means that player is playing on PC, even if it has a console account.
If you are playing on PC with a console account and see a name with a gamepad icon it only means that it is a console account and you can’t tell if it’s being used on console or PC.

So, if OP is playing on a console and sees the name like this it means that player is also playing on a console, although he might be using mouse and keyboard there.

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I don’t see why people bother replying to you if it’s clear you’re paid to say things Gaijin wants, as W.T.C.S mentioned in the past.

“hiding you’re cheating by using console tags” has to be either one of the most elaborate or absurd things I’ve read