Fair Play?

About this sweet lies : Fair Play

EAC never worked and Robocraft proved it more than once.

But more importantly, when will we stop having tanks shot in their ammo and not blowing up ?
When will we have accurate characteristics on vehicles, such as engine, ammo, armor ?
When will we stop having this braindead russian gameplay in high tier that works cause reasons ? (Reasons well known, russians are broken on almost all BRs and it seems like it fits Gayjin)
When will we stop encountering unavoidable missiles with planes having no counter-measures ?
When will we stop losing half the team cause noone cares about looking around or even just looking at the minimap for given warnins ?
When will we stop starting high BR with a bloody HEAT-FS when 90% of tanks at this BR have ERA armor ?

Because all that is fairplay too.

But probably we do not have the same definition it seems. So what you gonna do now ? Distract everyone with another event only jobless people can complete ? Add another broken premium in one of those trees that don’t need it ? Go on, maybe this time you’ll actually succeed to surprise the playerbase that has a working brain.